“My virtual Facebook lover deactivated his account”

My friend introduced me to this boy, through Facebook. She told me that he was also looking for a partner. At first he was shy, then as days passed, I saw his true character. We had so much in common, I felt that he was my duplicate. We related in so many things. For me, everything was perfect. Even when I saw the negatives in him. And even if we were just talking for days, it felt like years.

One night, my friend, who introduced him to me, messaged me. She told me that he talked to her, saying that he was already falling for me. And he is scared because he had plans before me. He was scared that he would change his mind if he continued talking to me. So he decided that he would not talk to me for a while. Continue reading

“Will I ever meet my online girlfriend”

I’ve been in this long-distance relationship for about 4 months now, with a girl I’ve known maybe 7 months (since mid September). We stay in contact frequently (Skype, text, calls, etc.). This is the first time I’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship. I’ve never liked the idea of it, but this girl feels so worth it.

We’ve both wanted to meet for a while now, but at this point, I just feel bad for bringing it up. I like to have a plan ready and prepare for things, so I just wanted a guesstimate so I have something to look forward to, ya know?

Both of us being in college, I first mentioned the idea of meeting over Winter Break 2016. She knew she couldn’t because she had no idea how to explain to her friends and family that she was gonna visit a boy she was dating online. I figured she was right and that maybe it was too soon. Continue reading

“Her male best friend told her to break up with me”

A few months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me after we had an argument. (It was an online relationship and I know it sounds crazy, but we just clicked.) We were talking and she told me she had to think, so I let her go for a while. About 30 minutes later she finally called and we talked. I tried to come to a happy medium so we could both be content, but she told me no. And that she’s so sorry through her crying, she just ended it. Her reasoning was that she didn’t have time for me with school and money problems arising. I had always felt like there was more to it.

Flash forward to now (months later), she tells me her “best friend” at the time told her to break up with me. But he then went on to tell her that he had liked her a month after she broke up with me. She denied him, but it just upsets me. I feel like she shouldn’t have brought him into it at all on that level. Am I right to feel this way?

“If my current relationship fails, should I try again with my ex?”

I’ve been online dating someone for a year now.

That aside, in 2011 when I was 16, I’d started online dating my ex. In 2013, the day I turned 18, I dropped out of school and bought a bus ticket to where he lived. It was great at first, but declined quickly as soon as trouble arose. For whatever reason, I’d stuck around for a few years after and only moved out and back in with my dad June of this year. I did love my ex, and I was sad to leave, but there was so much bitterness nothing could be done.

Back to my current LDR, I do deeply love this boy. However, I cry a lot since leaving my ex’s place, and every time I talk to him (which isn’t often, but sometimes he lets me know, because we did have a life together). Continue reading

“He said he had feelings for me, then blocked me the next day”

A little over two years ago, I was just poking around on Omegle, having short, non-meaningful conversations with randoms. Then I unexpectedly met a guy that lived across the country from me, and we had a nice and long conversation. We ended up exchanging Skype names and later adding each other in Facebook. We messaged and Skyped each other every single night for about a month, and I ended up falling for him, hard.

I’ve never felt that way about someone in my entire life, not even my ex-boyfriend when we were together. He would play his guitar and sing for me all the time. The last time we Skyped, we admitted having feelings for each other and told each other that we wished we could meet in person. Mind you, he said it first. Continue reading

“His friend accused me of being manipulative”

I met this guy playing an online game. I was attracted to his personality right away, but for him it took a little longer to reciprocate. After a few months though we had grown closer and I confessed my crush. We started an online relationship where the pros vastly outnumbered the cons of such an arrangement.

I’m gay but my family and for the most part my friends don’t know. His family knows he is gay, but he is very shy and introverted. So even though an online relationship isn’t ideal, it really kind of worked for us both. Everything felt amazing. He was amazing! We talked everyday for hours. He was constantly on my mind. He was the best thing about my life. Yes we had disagreements but we always worked through them.

Then one day things changed, it wasn’t gradual. Suddenly he felt like a completely different person who was only trying to pretend to be the person from before. Bad things were going on in his life and I held out hope that once they were worked out he would be himself again. It never happened. We tried to continue on, adapt to the way things were now. I loved him so much and didn’t want to lose him, but depression was consuming him. He felt guilty for changing and thought it wasn’t fair to me so we decided to take a break. Continue reading

“We’ve never met in person, but I feel so connected to him”

Someone just give me some advice. I’ve been talking to a guy I met online for a couple months, and although we’ve not met in person, we’ve grown pretty close, messaging everyday and so on. We planned to meet at the end of this month, but now I am having huge regrets; I live in Newcastle and he lives in Wales and even when I go to university in September, we’re still a good 3 hours from each other.

On top of this, there’s even a possibility that I’m going to study in Greece! I’ve told him about this of course, but he still wants us to meet. Now I’m really not sure because I’ve read so much about a) how foolish it is to start university in a relationship with somebody who lives elsewhere, and b) how crushing long distance can be.

Continue reading