“We’ve never met in person, but I feel so connected to him”

Someone just give me some advice. I’ve been talking to a guy I met online for a couple months, and although we’ve not met in person, we’ve grown pretty close, messaging everyday and so on. We planned to meet at the end of this month, but now I am having huge regrets; I live in Newcastle and he lives in Wales and even when I go to university in September, we’re still a good 3 hours from each other.

On top of this, there’s even a possibility that I’m going to study in Greece! I’ve told him about this of course, but he still wants us to meet. Now I’m really not sure because I’ve read so much about a) how foolish it is to start university in a relationship with somebody who lives elsewhere, and b) how crushing long distance can be.

Of course there’s the possibility that we meet and there’s nothing even there, but I already really like this guy, and I strongly feel that I’m going to like him even more when we meet. If I do need to end whatever this is, how do I go about it? It’s going to kill me, and more importantly, him…

What do you think?

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