“My virtual Facebook lover deactivated his account”

My friend introduced me to this boy, through Facebook. She told me that he was also looking for a partner. At first he was shy, then as days passed, I saw his true character. We had so much in common, I felt that he was my duplicate. We related in so many things. For me, everything was perfect. Even when I saw the negatives in him. And even if we were just talking for days, it felt like years.

One night, my friend, who introduced him to me, messaged me. She told me that he talked to her, saying that he was already falling for me. And he is scared because he had plans before me. He was scared that he would change his mind if he continued talking to me. So he decided that he would not talk to me for a while. Right after me and my friend talked, I decided to message him. But I already cannot send a message. He already deactivated his account. I have no other ways of contacting him. We have not yet met in person.

These past few days, I was thinking… what if he messaged me one of these days? Should I answer him? If I decided to answer him, should I get mad? Am I entitled to get mad? Or should I act as if nothing happened? What should I tell him? Should I really wait for him or should I move on with my life already? I am so confused up until now even days passed already.

Information about me: I am in my late 20s. I easily get attached and easily fall for a person. And I don’t like texting or calling, people just contact me online.

One thought on ““My virtual Facebook lover deactivated his account”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let him come to you. Honestly, I would move on now.

    What, he can’t include you in plans for your future? That just sounds like “I have plans that don’t include and won’t include her.” You were not even important enough in his world to TELL YOU HIMSELF LIKE A MAN. Little boys pass notes along. Mature men realize that they need to be present in a relationship. Even one as short as yours.

    Also, unless you meet him in real life and spend some time with him be aware that you are still talking to someone you don’t know. I’ve been in LDR’s before. I’ve watched friends get catfished. Have you even talked to him on Skype? Until you get some real face time and time spent hanging around him, you’re just making up a perfect person in your head. It’s really easy to miss all the red flags and boy does this relationship have them already.

    I know this will be hard and I feel for you. You already feel for him, but he’s taking the cowards way out. You deserve better than this. Sign yourself up for a dating service (at least it will keep your mind busy), and focus on your hobbies and interests. This man isn’t worth your time anymore. The time you could be out there finding someone who really cares.

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