“He said he had feelings for me, then blocked me the next day”

A little over two years ago, I was just poking around on Omegle, having short, non-meaningful conversations with randoms. Then I unexpectedly met a guy that lived across the country from me, and we had a nice and long conversation. We ended up exchanging Skype names and later adding each other in Facebook. We messaged and Skyped each other every single night for about a month, and I ended up falling for him, hard.

I’ve never felt that way about someone in my entire life, not even my ex-boyfriend when we were together. He would play his guitar and sing for me all the time. The last time we Skyped, we admitted having feelings for each other and told each other that we wished we could meet in person. Mind you, he said it first.

The next day, he blocked me on Facebook and would not answer my Skype calls. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck for a week straight. I skipped classes to go home and cry on the couch. One night while I was working I got a message from him, but it said “Do not message my boyfriend,” and I was immediately blocked once more. To this day, I still think about him and I am still blocked. And I’m still sad, just not as emotional as I was when it all went down. I really just want a sort of closure, but he does not use his other social media sites. I used a friend’s phone to look at his Facebook once about a year ago, and he hadn’t been using it in a long time. How do I get over this guy that I felt stronger for than anyone else? Am I crazy for still wanting to talk to him?

2 thoughts on ““He said he had feelings for me, then blocked me the next day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry. It hurts to get ghosted like that. He may have a crazy ex or he may have gotten caught cheated, either way you get no closure, and it hurts like hell. I want to hug you. It will get better. Time to get out there looking. This guy was a catfish.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    I see two possibilities here:

    1) He has a girlfriend who found out he’s been messaging you, and she’s the one who blocked him.

    2) He doesn’t have a girlfriend, but is making one up to use as an excuse for blocking you.

    Either way, he’s a douchebag, so you need to move on. You’re not crazy for still wanting to talk to him, but understand that there is no closure you’re going to get. The sooner you accept that it’s over is the sooner you can start moving on.

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