“I love her but she’s moving”

So I’ve been dating this really amazing, friendly, and funny girl for the past six and a half months, but she’s recently been offered a job that’s quite a long commute from where she’s currently living. Obviously, this means that when she moves, she’ll be moving closer to her new workplace, and further from me.

I genuinely love this girl, and want what’s best for her, but at the same time, I’d rather not have things end because of this. We get on really well together, we seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to certain things, her values align with mine, we’re both vegetarians, and we have similar interests. As well as this, I have Asperger’s Syndrome, so I tend to be pretty awkward due to my issues with social interaction. While some people might be scared away by my awkwardness, she loves it.

I’m more than willing to try a long distance relationship. The place she’s aiming to move to isn’t super far away from where I live, so it’s definitely doable even if I won’t be able to see her as often as we do currently, but is it possible for things to work out between us?


“He’s leaving to become a Marine”

My boyfriend is leaving soon to go do basic training to become a marine. He’s my best friend and I’ve always loved him as a friend, and even had a crush on him and now I’m falling for him. We have been dating for almost 3 months, which isn’t long, and I want to commit to him while he’s away.

But my mom says it’s a waste of time seeing as he will not be home for 3 months then 4 years. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this, because I don’t know what to do. Stay or leave? I have only felt this way about one other person and even then I wouldn’t go this far.  After that ex, I built up a wall, and after 3 years this is the only guy I want to commit to and be with. He tore down my wall and I want to be with him. Please help! I’m still in high school and I’ve got one more year then I graduate, and can move up there and see him every now and then.

Help please!


“My ex is toxic but I want to stay friends”

I have an ex girlfriend who is a very toxic person sometimes. None of my friends like her anymore, even though they did at the start, and not because of anything I’ve said to them (which was little) but because of how they have seen her behave. None of them tried to break us up and they didn’t even tell me until after I had made the choice to do so. Breaking up and moving to a new city two hours away (where my friends are) has not been the issue for me.

It’s needed and allows me to continue to progress and just focus on myself for a while. I just recently discovered the depth of her deception and lies and it of course hurt, now I’ve come to terms with it and can’t help but wonder if I’m still able keep a friendship now that I know she can’t be trusted? I feel like I can better protect myself emotionally, we had some really good moments too and I guess that’s what makes it confusing.

My struggle is with the idea of completely cutting off contact. I don’t know if I’m a fool to hold on to the hope she will one day mature and change her ways over the next few years (she’s still young) or if I should just walk away now and never look back. I hate removing people that I care about from my life and I never fully stopped talking to my last ex and eventually she did mature to a level I can be friends with her so I’m hoping for the same here. Should I still keep a bit of contact and give her the chance to grow on her own and if she does we can build a friendship? Or am I just asking for continued drama in my life?

“My mom makes me feel guilty for wanting to move”

I’m 24, almost 25 and my boyfriend is 26 and we’re in a long term, long distance relationship. My bf lives in New York with his parents, and I live in Texas with my parents and siblings. For a year and a half now we have been planning for me to move to New York in the summer of 2018.

We have plans and goals for when I move there, and we told my parents together this month, about me moving me but my mom is completely against it, because she doesn’t like the decision, so she makes me feel guilty for it.


“I did something really stupid”

I did something really stupid that I probably shouldn’t have done, and now a friend of mine is extremely angry with me. But first, I should probably explain what led me up to this situation.

I met this boy on Instagram back in August or so. We’ll call him G. G lives in England. We started talking more, and by January, there were plans for him to move over here and live with me. Well, he started talking to his other friends about this plan, and he created a group chat with the friends who were willing to come to America with him. The group consisted of G, his girlfriend, some guy we’ll call J, and K. K was a lovely guy. He was sweet, caring, and very cute. We started PMing each other, one thing led to another, and we were in a relationship. A long distance relationship. With distance came desire. We wanted to see each other, and more of each other (if you know what I mean). It was amazing until April. Continue reading

“He spat in my face and threw a TV remote at me”

My partner and I have been in a relationship now for over 5 years. It’s been a lot of turmoil. We recently moved to California, where he was offered a job as a tattoo artist at one of the best shops in this town. We come from a small Texan town.

He doesn’t let me visit him at work and I’m pretty sure it’s because he tells people he’s single. So last night I got a bit insecure and tried to express it. It ended up, him spitting in my face, throwing a TV remote at me, and smacking me around with his fucking hat. Continue reading

“My boyfriend and I want to move to Germany after college”

I am a 19 year old college student who is about to be done with my first year at a community college, and my 20 year old boyfriend of 3 years will be done with his second year at the same community college. We have decided that we would like to further our education in a European country, perhaps Germany, where there are Masters programs taught in English.

Instead of moving back to the United States after we are done with college, we may want to stay and continue living in Europe, and figure out our lives together there. So far we are looking into smaller city universities in Germany like Freiburg, Schiller, and Hochschule for instance. We’re not really into the partying scene, more athletic nature lovers. Is there any advice anyone can give me on this? Where do I even start? Is this possible? Can we live there after college? If we want to move back, is the degree worth the same in the U.S? Can I bring my cat? What’s the average yearly cost of living in Germany?

“My best friend doesn’t want to be my friend anymore”

Hi there! I’m in need of a little friendship advice. I really need help, so please respond! My best friend and I were recently split apart when I moved to the city, about an hour away from our old ranch. My best friend and I promised we would stay in touch, but she became best friends with someone I really didn’t like.

We hadn’t talked for while, and I was hiding  all these feelings of regret and pain, so I messaged her, apologizing for every time I hurt her feelings, and told her how much I missed her, reminding her of all the fun we used to have together. Then she straight up told me she didn’t want to be friends anymore. I kept trying to apologize, telling her how much she meant to me until I was balling my eyes out. Finally I told her I couldn’t talk to her anymore. Continue reading