“My sister is a horrible step mother”

She has a two year old son and three step children. She despises the step kids. When her child was born she wanted their father to take a month’s “break” from the other children to bond with theirs. He told her he couldn’t take a break from being a parent and would take care of all his kids.

She throws a tantrum any time he does anything with his other children or if they come over. She calls the seven year old fat, and has banned her from having snacks. Even though the two year old can have them. She has gotten so bad that she even makes up lies on them to try to win people over to “her side”. Like telling people the teenager is inappropriate with the younger children. Nobody but her has ever witnessed it.

I have tried to reason with her. She just gets mad at me and accuses me of being judgmental and keeps repeating that her son shouldn’t have to do without a father because his ex drops those “brats” on them constantly. It’s gotten to the point to where I am missing out on my nephews’ life because I can’t be around that.

“I am tired if being married to him”

I am a married mom of a 17 month old. My husband is 22 years older than me. (Yes, judge if you want. *rolls eyes)  In the beginning of our relationship, he lied about his past. I had to figure out his back story by myself.

Then he finally admitted everything. Like the fact that he owes child support arrears. I am the only one who works. I took out $100 so him and my son could eat for the week. Come to find out, he gradually took out the only other $100 left in the account. He claims he spent it just on food. But I know it’s a lie. Anyway, the whole situation is a long story. But I am tired if being married to him. I just don’t know where to turn to. I have no family or friends. I’m scared to go to a shelter because I don’t trust anyone watching my child. Any suggestions?

“He’s talking marriage but I just don’t trust him”

I need some advice! My boyfriend and I have been together a total of almost a year and a half and just a few months ago he had “out of no where” broke up with me for about a month . It all started when his phone lit up and he received a text from a girl talking about what each of them like to do (like go hiking). They seemed to be talking about things in order to get to know each other.

I am all about having friends so I have never really went too far into anything , but this struck me as a little odd, so I confronted him and asked him to see the texts and he promptly said “no”, put his phone away and turned it around on me and exclaimed that if I trusted him I wouldn’t be asking him about it. Continue reading

“I lied to her and lost her trust”

I’ve been with my partner for 10 months now. We were in a long distance relationship for 7 months. I moved out of state and dropped everything to be with her. It was my choice I was willing to risk it all. We have had a really good relationship. We laughed together, we went out, we stayed in, we were strong. We had a great sex life. Everything seemed to be ok. But lingering in the back of my mind was the fact that she was 50/50 on marriage. Continue reading

“Pissed at my boyfriend who slept with a married woman”

My boyfriend told me that he slept with one of his good friends who is a married woman for a few weeks just before we got together, and that they’re ‘good friends’ now and are planning to meet up soon when she’s back in the country. Her husband still doesn’t know and she doesn’t plan on telling him.

I told my boyfriend that I’m not comfortable with this morally and that I think he should be firm with her that this is wrong and that she needs to tell her husband, and if she keeps refusing to do so that he should tell her husband as a last resort and also cut all ties with her. He says that he can’t do all that.

Am I being unreasonable?

“Shall I tell my ex about my side chick?”

I broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago. It’s been two weeks with no contact, but long story short, I lied, strayed and hid stuff from her due to pressure from Uni, financial issues, and depression.

By strayed, I mean I did stuff I did not usually do, including have a ‘side chick’ who had no idea about me and my girlfriend being together.

My girlfriend found out about another incident where I drunkenly messaged an old flame and this old flame sent my message to my girlfriend who found out about it months later.
Basically, I became a guild-ridden self-loathing individual and she didn’t recognize me. She still says she loves me, just not the way she used to, and yet, she hoped I would change.

I’m trying to change now, trying to be better and fight this depression, but now my girlfriend and me have broken up…should I even bother telling her about the side chick? Or should I tell the side chick that I lied to her? Or should I just move on from the side chick and hope for the best?

If I want even the smallest bit of reconciliation with my ex, I don’t want this to pop up and hurt her in the future. I’m done with the lies, but is there a point to hurt her unnecessarily?

Please help.

“My girlfriend is always lying to me”

I’m 16 years old and I’m in a relationship for over a year now. I really love her, but it’s getting more frustrating every day. She never cheated on me, but I caught her in a lie A LOT of times, not big lies, but they are still lies and now I have trust issues.

Everything she says to me, I suspect it, I’m not sure anymore if she is being honest to me or not, so this is getting out of control. I just can’t believe her, I was thinking about breaking up but I can’t do it, I love her and I can’t imagine my life without her. By the way, yes, we did talk about this topic multiple times but I still can’t trust her and I feel I’m being lied to, I need any advice.

“My girlfriend lied about her ex”

So my girlfriend lied about her ex. When we were at our talking stages see claimed that she didn’t talk to anyone the way she talked to me. But I recently found out she was telling her ex that I was nothing to her, and she would even have me under the impression that she was asleep while she was talking to other guys.

We are now together but I am finding all of this out now. I always suspected her ex but she told me a lie, and now I found out the truth and it wasn’t through her. I really like her but know I feel like I cannot trust her like I used to. What should I do?

“Could he be repressing gay feelings?”

I have a close friend who is exhibiting very strange behaviour. He is a 31 year-old unemployed virgin and a practicing 7th day Adventist. He lives in a big city and myself and 2 friends took him under our wing when we met through work but he lost his job a while ago and since then we invite him round several times a week and cook for him, I cut his hair for free and we help him apply for jobs and message women on dating sites and apps.

The problems started in the Whatsapp group that all 4 of us friends are in. The friend in question began to tell elaborate lies, such as that he spent the whole day painting his local church Рwe phoned all the local churches and none had been painted recently. He regularly tells us elaborate and/or unnecessary lies and seems unable to stop. He also claims to be a vegetarian for his faith but regularly eats kebabs and chicken wings. Continue reading

“My friend is a compulsive liar”

I have a friend of 6 years who I do love and we have had great times. But over time (and it’s getting worse as time goes on) I have realized that this friend has a serious issue with guilt tripping and attention issues. I’m bringing this to a place like this now, because it really is getting serious.

The friend’s mother had a seizure, and it was found out that she had a small tumor in her frontal lobe, which is being removed in a few days. I want to be there for my friend and I will be, but we got into a shouting match very quickly yesterday because my friend showed up in the middle of my school’s art show, and started every conversation with every person who saw them with ‘well my mom is dying from cancer so I’m doing horrible’ and then proceeded to make more similar comments, etc. Continue reading