“He’s talking marriage but I just don’t trust him”

I need some advice! My boyfriend and I have been together a total of almost a year and a half and just a few months ago he had “out of no where” broke up with me for about a month . It all started when his phone lit up and he received a text from a girl talking about what each of them like to do (like go hiking). They seemed to be talking about things in order to get to know each other.

I am all about having friends so I have never really went too far into anything , but this struck me as a little odd, so I confronted him and asked him to see the texts and he promptly said “no”, put his phone away and turned it around on me and exclaimed that if I trusted him I wouldn’t be asking him about it. I dropped it and went to bed . The next day he broke up with me and because I was living with him and he was pretty set on ending the relationship and I moved out about a week later . Weeks of trying to get him to change his mind and wondering what I even did , he ignores me, denies my requests of meeting up and talking , etc . Then about a month after being broken up he calls me, begging for me back .

We talk, then get back together after days of working things out , then I find out he was dating the same girl he was texting that night . He was with her for two of the four weeks we weren’t together and he was never going to even tell me . We have been together for almost 3 1/2 months since it has happened , but I am still sick to my stomach of the thought that he may do it again, or he may not be as honest as I think . Now he is mentioning a wedding proposal! I am distraught and feel as if he is overcompensating for his wrong doings. Am I dumb to take him back or even consider working things out??

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