“My girlfriend’s sister is ruining our relationship”

I’m in a relationship with the love of my life. She’s amazing and we are perfect for each other. The problem is that I’m her first serious relationship in a while, and her twin sister is having issues with me taking her sister away from her.

At first I got it, I’d feel bad too if someone took my best friend away from me. But recently she’s gotten seriously malicious towards me and I’m not sure if I’m pissed or upset or just confused as to what to do. She went as far as  sending me a text telling me that I am brainwashing her sister and putting fake thoughts in her head to persuade her to spend time with me, instead of her. In reality she’s gotten so bad that my girlfriend doesn’t even want to be around her, with no outside influence from me other than the fact I’m the cause of the arguments.

The sister told me that I’m causing a wedge between her and the entire family and manipulating people into liking me, when she sees the person I really am. She told me to get out of her sisters life and let everything work itself back to the way it was. The kicker is that as of right now, we’re all roommates… So there is no escaping all of this until I can get a place of my own which is an imminent, but slow process. She’s being god awful to not only me but her twin sister too and it’s making things so stressful.

4 thoughts on ““My girlfriend’s sister is ruining our relationship”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing you can do that you aren’t already doing. Moving out and not getting involved as much as possible unless she becomes violent. You could stay with other friends and family until you are completely move out. Good luck.

  2. Maxi Wagner says:

    Same thing here except. My girlfriends sister is upset because I told my girlfriend she was talking smack on her. She thinks I’m shaking things up in the house & wants me us to move out. She’s tried to storm in our room to “settle issues” but is aggressive so things get ugly quick. Then my girlfriend will just add gas to the fire. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

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