“Is his housemate more than ‘just a friend'”?


I have quite some predicaments with my boyfriend at the moment. He lives in a student house where he shares the facilities with 6 other housemates. One of these housemates, a girl, is pretty close to him. They like to tease each other and to mess around, which I find normal, but I also notice that sometimes it is a bit concerning how they interact. She is a nice girl, but I get jealous sometimes when they tease each other and I wonder if this is right for me to do.

I also notice that my boyfriend goes to a certain length to help her when she is having problems. He would even ask his mother/family to help her out when she needs some help.He told me once that he liked this girl but just as a friend, and he showed me some messages with this girl where they teased each other and said that they loved each other but “as housemates.”

I am a bit concerned, and I get triggered a lot by this situation since I hang out quite often at my boyfriend’s place and I sleep there sometimes. What should I do? I tried to talk to him about it a few times, and he said that there is nothing special going on between him and her. The thing is, if I observe, I can say that he treats this girl differently than his other housemates, which triggers me to get jealous at times.

Should I be concerned?

Thank you in advance for your advice!


One thought on ““Is his housemate more than ‘just a friend'”?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Possibly and possibly not. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for, but they may just be close friends and nothing more. You didn’t tell us the issues she had, but it makes no difference really. He may just be helping his friend.

    Most of my friends were boys or men growing up and then I played online games for 10+ years and most of my friends there were men. Their ladies would get jealous of me just because I was around them and helpful or they were helpful to me. I always instructed them to join us, so they could get to know me better as a person and see that a. I wasn’t after their guy and b. I was very friendly, but not good at making female friends unless it was in a one on one situation. I never had the group of girl friends until college and online games. Then I made the best friends I could ever ask for and through my guy friends.

    So she may just be a friend. Get to know her and see what you two have in common. Maybe ask her out to do things with just you.

    However, follow your gut. If you still feel this relationship is inappropriate then move on. You won’t be able to break them up without pushing them closer against you as a adversary and honestly do you want a man who will chose someone else over you? Can you deal with a girl who is a friend? You don’t need to answer me. Answer yourself.

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