“I’m like a neglected puppy on a leash”

My friends constantly tell me I should leave my boyfriend because he doesn’t care for me as much as I do for him. But I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him, and I do feel happy in the relationship. I normally wouldn’t even consider breaking up, but lately their words have started getting to me. I tend to spend a lot more money on him than he ever does on me. But I am better off, plus he never actually asks for it, I just want to make him happy so I often buy him presents for no reason. He sometimes prefers spending time with his friends rather than me. More often than not, if he has the opportunity. He is rarely very affectionate. And just last week, we were at a party, we got a little drunk, and I went to make out him, but he pushed me off with the words: “No. I don’t want to”. I just assumed he was not in the mood, and it didn’t bother me much until I told a friend of mine and she was like: “I’m so sorry sweetie. You know, he’s an asshole, like we’ve been telling you. At least now you can see him for what he is and get him out of your system”.

I’ve been listening to these accusations for a long time now. They’ve called him careless, cold, asshole, abuser and user. It pains me, and he always avoids the subject when I try to bring it up. He neither denies nor confirms their fears, and that also hurts me. I love him. I am happy with him. I don’t want to leave him. But this bothers me. Today another friend directly told me: “You’re like a neglected puppy on a leash. Your smile widens and your eyes shine every time you see him, but his face remains unchanged. He just doesn’t care, but you can’t see. And you won’t leave, and it’s honestly pathetic”.

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