“Is my dad only staying to keep the family together? “

My Mom and Dad recently got into a rather large fight and had announced to my sister and I that they planned on getting a divorce. Obviously, this was very tough for us. My Dad had a sit down with my sister and I, and said that he didn’t love my mom anymore, and that the sparks weren’t there anymore (married for 16 years).

However, today they said that they were okay and that nothing was going to change. Do you guys think they really made things better or if my Dad is only staying to keep the family together? I’m scared that he really does feel the way he said and that he is only staying because he doesn’t want us kids to feel badly. Please give your opinions.

“I’m married to an abusive husband”

This is a deep thought question so I’ll try to keep the details short.
I’m married to an abusive husband. We have one child, I have another who is much older from a previous relationship. I went to my attorney to divorce said abusive husband. Before I continue, I should say that my husband is a doctor. This will be important later. He has a high income, yet most people don’t realize that we don’t have cash on hand, it’s tied up and we are in debt. But, he does bring home a large amount of money.

He went to counseling with me. There, we discussed how we fight with each other because my cleaning isn’t up to his standards. (I am in no way filthy. I’m just not one of those OCD people like he is). The therapist suggested we hire a housekeeper so we wouldn’t fight about it. So we did, and it mostly worked. Continue reading

“Why do I feel guilty for being happy after she divorced me?”

I’m a 45-year-old male, retired military, and professional. I was married to a women for 16 years, and after numerous deployments and significant separation, she texted another man. Not sure what else happened. In return, I cheated on her. We both made some bad decisions.

I confessed mine to her — and my unhappiness with her behaviors — and in return, she filed for divorce and aired out dirty laundry all over Facebook and to our small community. I started thinking about why, and I realized that I had become a paycheck to her and not a companion.

She has no respect for me — and I none for her. We have no interests together, and she put forth no effort in making a home for us, except to keep up with the other wives in appearance. I would come home to no supper, an untidy house, and piles of dirty laundry, even though we had made an agreement that I would work outside the home, and she would work inside the home and raise our kids. Continue reading

“My wife divorced me, and now wants to get back together”

My wife left me in January after only eight months of marriage. She said she was “100% sure” she couldn’t be happy with me, and that she wasn’t in love with me anymore. She said that I work too much (she wasn’t working at the time). She said awful things to me about my appearance, my personality, and my ability to be loved. I was torn to a million pieces.

She moved out of the house, and while I told her I wouldn’t ask her to love me anymore (that doesn’t work, in my experience), I also said we should slow it down. Go to therapy. Keep in touch. She refused. The only thing I asked was that she not serve me papers at work. I was new, and I was the department head, and my team didn’t need to see me get served at work.

So she served me at work.

A couple of months later, I met an amazing woman. I knew it was risky, but we decided to date. She’s fantastic. She enjoys all the things I do (travel, cooking, wine – all things my wife was lukewarm – at best – about), my friends love her, and she matches my hustle professionally.

Continue reading