“Is my dad only staying to keep the family together? “

My Mom and Dad recently got into a rather large fight and had announced to my sister and I that they planned on getting a divorce. Obviously, this was very tough for us. My Dad had a sit down with my sister and I, and said that he didn’t love my mom anymore, and that the sparks weren’t there anymore (married for 16 years).

However, today they said that they were okay and that nothing was going to change. Do you guys think they really made things better or if my Dad is only staying to keep the family together? I’m scared that he really does feel the way he said and that he is only staying because he doesn’t want us kids to feel badly. Please give your opinions.

One thought on ““Is my dad only staying to keep the family together? “

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can quietly confirm to your father that it is ok if he leaves, but he is a adult and can do as he pleases. I remember being in this position when I was 12. Divorce is hard on everyone, but sometimes it just best for everyone if the parents go ahead and move on with their lives. Love your parents and know that they are as human as the rest of us. Flawed and imperfect, but well meaning.

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