“Do I stop talking to him and move on?”

I’m very confused just now. My ex broke up with me a month ago, and has spoken to me every day since, he says he still loves me, but not looking for a relationship etc and he tells me he broke up with me because we were arguing a lot, which is true.

I obviously feel really low about it and it is hard to continue talking to someone you care about when they seem to be happier without you. I’ve often thought of just not talking anymore and trying to move on, by speaking to other men and maybe dating etc but I know that would be used against me if he decided we should make it work again.  Continue reading

“I’m feeling out of place in my relationship”

I went to my boyfriend’s bar to pick him up and he bought me food which was sweet. We sat and talked, he just told me stories about his past, I tried to talk about ideas or something more mentally intriguing, but as usual he was not reciprocating and seemed uninterested. I like hearing stories of his past but it seems like it’s all he talks about recently…which in turn made me feel bored.

So I went to dance, he didn’t come to watch. I danced for about 15 mins then returned to the table. I had bought new clothes and dressed up for him, he didn’t acknowledge it until i finally asked for a compliment, which has also been a trend. Continue reading

“Am I acting out of place?”

When I came home after a long Sunday out, I asked my mom about my pet’s vet visit and every time I spoke, my sister sighed. My other cat has cancer and my mom said that every time me and my sister are home we have to take care of her and that I just can’t be going out. But I told her that the only times I went out during the week were to work or to get driving lessons. My sister sighed again.

When I went to see my kitty with cancer I saw that her post-surgery cone was put on with the clip half way in the loop so soon to fall off, and with the clip out the outside instead of the inside so part of the cone angled out, getting caught on objects, and that the string that tied it was untied. I asked my mom who tied it in an angry voice and my sister said to my mom that she will never help with my sick cat again. Continue reading

“I’m threatened by my girlfriend’s best friend”

Is it okay if my girlfriend, that I’ve known and fought to be with for almost 2 years, is best friends with someone she’s known for almost 6 months, who she knows is in love with her? It has been confirmed by mutual friends, that were confided in by said ‘best friend.’

Am I overreacting and being a ‘possessive dick’ when I get upset about all the time they spent together,  and out-of-town overnight trips they take together? I am told over and over again my girlfriend has zero feelings for anyone other than me. But I can’t help but feel threatened by it.

“I’m not sure if I’m transgender”

I’ll just say it, I’m not sure if I’m transgender. In the past month or so, I’ve become fascinated with the idea of becoming a girl. I’ve been trying on the clothing and experimenting with hairstyles and makeup. My problem is, I don’t know how my girlfriend will take it if it were to ever happen, and I’m also not sure if I truly enjoy it or if it’s just a phase.

“My girlfriend lied about her ex”

So my girlfriend lied about her ex. When we were at our talking stages see claimed that she didn’t talk to anyone the way she talked to me. But I recently found out she was telling her ex that I was nothing to her, and she would even have me under the impression that she was asleep while she was talking to other guys.

We are now together but I am finding all of this out now. I always suspected her ex but she told me a lie, and now I found out the truth and it wasn’t through her. I really like her but know I feel like I cannot trust her like I used to. What should I do?

“My boyfriend bought gifts for an ex”

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, live together, shared bank account etc. We are behind financially so I knew not to expect Christmas gifts. My birthday was also a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to return one of my gifts since we needed the money and we would repurchase it later. I returned it.

I found out today that he sent a gift card for $50 to some girl that he went out with briefly that dumped him. He says I have no reason to be upset and am over reacting, and that he was able to have money to do this, and couldn’t get me something for Christmas because I’ve gotten gifts from him for 4 years. I know in my heart I’m right, but wanted another opinion.