“My boyfriend bought gifts for an ex”

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, live together, shared bank account etc. We are behind financially so I knew not to expect Christmas gifts. My birthday was also a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to return one of my gifts since we needed the money and we would repurchase it later. I returned it.

I found out today that he sent a gift card for $50 to some girl that he went out with briefly that dumped him. He says I have no reason to be upset and am over reacting, and that he was able to have money to do this, and couldn’t get me something for Christmas because I’ve gotten gifts from him for 4 years. I know in my heart I’m right, but wanted another opinion.

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend bought gifts for an ex”

  1. 3laney says:

    No way. Absolutely not. It’s not about the money it’s about respect. Girlfriend, this story makes me so sad to read that I wish I could get you a birthday present. You simply must dump this person. Obviously that other girl is his priority. How pathetic he is to not see real value in front of his face.

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