“I’m not sure if I’m transgender”

I’ll just say it, I’m not sure if I’m transgender. In the past month or so, I’ve become fascinated with the idea of becoming a girl. I’ve been trying on the clothing and experimenting with hairstyles and makeup. My problem is, I don’t know how my girlfriend will take it if it were to ever happen, and I’m also not sure if I truly enjoy it or if it’s just a phase.

One thought on ““I’m not sure if I’m transgender”

  1. invktion says:

    What I say may be biased, as I am an avid fan of drag queens. Nevertheless, I don’t think there’s anything weird about wanting to dress up like a woman. I do it sometimes, and I don’t question my gender. Just because you want to dress up like or impersonate the other gender doesn’t mean you identify as it.
    If you do feel that you could be a woman, though, take some time to think about it. Lots of people are ‘psychological’ women, as RuPaul put it, instead of being ‘biological’ women. If you’ve thought about it long and hard, and you still are fascinated by the idea of being female, then embrace it. There’s no shame in being who you are inside.
    Don’t worry about what your girlfriend might think – if she loves you, she’d be willing to look past it. It sounds selfish, but put yourself first in this case. You should worry about your own perception of yourself before you worry about what others think of you.

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