“My manager is being really weird”

I don’t know what to think of my manager. We communicate work issues through texting. He has ranted about his boss and called her names. He has also said things about other people. He calls me madame and sunshine and never uses my name, but does this with no one else.

He also has sent a hug emoticon once. The weird one that is blushing with hands. I don’t think he likes me, but the situation is weird. What is he doing?


“I’m losing my best friend”

My best friend, who I’ve known since we were 5 years old, is slowly starting to talk to me less and less. We’ve gone months without seeing each other, and when we do try to make plans to meet, she always says “something came up”, but then I see her with her new friends that I haven’t met, constantly.

She takes hours to reply to my texts, even in a bad situation, for example when my dog died a few months ago I texted her about it when I was upset, and she didn’t reply for an hour, even though I could see her commenting on other people’s posts. She always used to complain about how she’s “barely my best friend anymore” but it feels like I’m the only one who’s ever put in any effort. What should I do? I don’t want to lose my best friend but she doesn’t even feel like the same person anymore.

“How do I get him to communicate?”

So long story short, we moved away for around a year and opened a business, the business didn’t work so we have recently moved back to our old town and my fiancé has started working at his old job again, but with a promotion to management!

Recently though he has started working lots more hours because of the new job title, so myself and my son never see him much these days. I know as I am writing this that its probably all due to stress and tiredness, but it’s like he has completely stopped communicating .

He is such a doting dad but when he is home he just sits on social media watching videos, I ask him how his day was etc try to get him to talk, but I get 1-2 word answers, then he goes back to his phone, he used to take my son to the park and that has totally stopped now too.
I know he isn’t cheating or texting anyone because his phone faces me when he uses it but it’s just frustrating, I feel like the spark in our relationship has gone out and I don’t know how to relight it!

Can anyone help? How do I get him to start talking again, I don’t need much but right now I feel like he doesn’t have any interest in me anymore and I’m worried he isn’t in love with me anymore.

“My wife didn’t come home last night”

The other day my wife texts me saying that she is going to work a little later, and if I can pick up our son. She says it won’t be too late. About an hour later she calls asking if everything is going okay, wondering if I needed her to come home otherwise she was going to work just a little longer. I said everything was fine, this is approx 6:00pm. At about 10:00pm I hadn’t heard from her in a while so I try texting, calling, no response.

Then I see her coworker is on Facebook messenger, so I ask the coworker if she could have my wife call me. She then tells me that my wife told her that she was going to work from home that day. I tried calling and texting my wife 20 times with no response. Finally I get a text from my wife saying, “yeah I lied, I’m out with my friends and I’m not coming home tonight”,  and I didn’t hear from her until the next morning. Should I be concerned?

“My lovely boyfriend turned into a real jerk”

Please help me. This is my first serious boyfriend. We’ve been together for a little over a year. He and I are in a strong long distance relationship, or so I thought. He moved away from me in Summer 2016. It’s been so amazing up until this point. We trusted each other tremendously and had planned a future and everything you could imagine a love stricken couple would do.

After this Christmas, he suddenly stopped talking to me. Maybe the occasional, awkward ‘hi’ if I was lucky. All of the sudden, my lovely boyfriend turned into a real jerk. He would ignore me after I called him out on the issue, and he still does. Flash forward a month and it’s really rocky. We still talk, but it’s so awkward. It’s nothing like before Christmas. I’m seeing a side to him that I don’t like. Recently he has been denying the fact that I love him. He blows it off. I don’t say cutesy little things anymore or tell him I love him because then he’ll ignore me. I need help. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to assume things and be THAT girlfriend, but I’m fearing the worst. Please help.

“I’m dating someone for stability”

I’m not claiming to be a great person but I’m dating someone for stability. I didn’t realize that was what I was doing until I really looked at the situation. He has a house that he asked me to move into, I’m saving money, I have a companion, and I get to be closer to my family. Everything sounds good on paper but there are a few downsides.

I’m moving several hours away from where I live for him and the only time I’m really attracted to him is when we’re having sex. He doesn’t give me the emotional support that I’m craving. He was so kind before we started dating but as soon as we put a title on us (which he pushed for) he became distant and cold. He’s one-worded and I feel like he doesn’t care about me. He has no problem going two days without any kind of communication (which is a big deal to me since this is long distance right now.)  When I press him on it, he apologizes and is okay for a day or two before reverting back to old habits. Continue reading

“I’m scared my health problems are pushing him away”

I’ve been with my fiancé for over 4 years. In the first year of our relationship, he went behind my back with his ex. He also cheated on me with her again (and briefly left me for her) in the winter of 2015 and February 2016. He also cheated on me with and left me for a girl he worked with a couple of years ago for a month. However, we have been together for the majority of the last 4 1/2 years.

I cut him off last year, because I had had enough and didn’t want to be his backup or just-in-case anymore. He would never open up to me. He was emotionally abusive and manipulative and always kept me hanging on while still talking to other girls. Continue reading

“This is my partner’s first gay relationship, and I can’t handle his inability to communicate”

I’m a 30-year-old male. I began dating a 19-year-old guy 6 months ago. This is his first gay experience/relationship. From the beginning he’s struggled with everything pertaining to a relationship (gay or heterosexual) but refuses to let me go.

During the first 2 months we engaged in oral sex a few times. He’d clam up and eventually even that stopped. Besides the lack of sex, there’s a serious lack of romance, consideration and communication on his part. I’ve broken things off twice so far. During those times he contacted me non-stop, pouring out his emotions and begging for reconciliation. Each time he promises to add effort, romance, sex and communication. These are things he says he wants us to have because we are “perfect” for each other.

Continue reading