“How do I get him to communicate?”

So long story short, we moved away for around a year and opened a business, the business didn’t work so we have recently moved back to our old town and my fiancé has started working at his old job again, but with a promotion to management!

Recently though he has started working lots more hours because of the new job title, so myself and my son never see him much these days. I know as I am writing this that its probably all due to stress and tiredness, but it’s like he has completely stopped communicating .

He is such a doting dad but when he is home he just sits on social media watching videos, I ask him how his day was etc try to get him to talk, but I get 1-2 word answers, then he goes back to his phone, he used to take my son to the park and that has totally stopped now too.
I know he isn’t cheating or texting anyone because his phone faces me when he uses it but it’s just frustrating, I feel like the spark in our relationship has gone out and I don’t know how to relight it!

Can anyone help? How do I get him to start talking again, I don’t need much but right now I feel like he doesn’t have any interest in me anymore and I’m worried he isn’t in love with me anymore.

2 thoughts on ““How do I get him to communicate?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he’s over stressed at work and trying to destress. Try couples counseling if talking to him doesn’t work.

  2. Birdy says:

    Talk tp him. Tell him outright at yhe start that you need him to lay down the phone because there is a serious talk incoming.
    Stay calm, and don’t accuse him of being negligent. Stay with questions like ‘I am getting the feeling that you have some difficulty relaxing after work. How are you coping with the job?’
    And ‘what is the reason you do not spend as much energy in your kid anymore?’
    And ‘what can I do to help you be more active after work?’

    Also perhaps a weird tip but something I learned from teachers’ school: guys dislike talking face to face while girls prefer it. To create a more talkative atmosfere sit down next to one another, not opposite one another. Helps so much!!! It’s a great way to talk to kids too, they feel less judged.

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