“He loves both of us but chooses her”

My friend Jake and I have been best friends for 6 years. I was with our mutual friend, Greg, for 5 years. We got engaged and then we broke up because we knew we were better as just friends. He couldn’t give me what I needed and we both knew it.

Jake has been with Riley for 15 months. During the time I was with Greg, Jake and I were only friends; nothing ever happened.

 4 months after my breakup, Jake and I got drunk and made out. Continue reading

“How do I tell her he’s a cheat?”

I’ve been sleeping with this guy for the past few months and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend, so I agreed to sleep with him. Just moments ago, I was on Facebook and his gf popped up on my recommendations, and I clicked on her and her Facebook was full of him.

They have been dating for a little over 2 years. I am beyond pissed off. I want to tell his gf so bad, but she looks so happy and I can’t possibly ruin her happiness, but I can’t let him continuously do this anymore. She believes that he’s the best bf ever and she loves him so much. But how can I possibly show up out of n where and tell her that he’s cheating on her and it’s been for a long time now? Please, please help me.


“I sent sex texts to other guys and now I want him back”

I admit that I cheated on my boyfriend, however I only texted and sent sex texts. I never met with any of the other guys, or had any physical contact with them . I really do love my boyfriend. I know it might not seem like it, but I do and I feel like shit for doing it, but I really wanted the extra attention. I know that might sound bad but I have never received any attention from anyone besides my boyfriend. Not even my parents give me attention. I really want my boyfriend back but I have no idea how to get him back. Please help me.

“He kissed another girl”

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over 7 months, we’re young (17) and each other’s first loves. He was a border at a school in my town but had to move back in with his family so we’re now in a long distance relationship (4 hours away).

He recently told me he had feelings for another girl at his new school and they kissed a couple days ago. I’m really worried about being hurt again and I’m not sure if I can trust him again. He seems genuinely sorry, has admitted everything, we’ve had long conversations about it as I went to visit him and he’s even messaged the girl (who really likes him) saying how he f**ked up and doesn’t want anything else to do with her. I’m just so lost and hurt, someone help or share advice. Thank you xoxo

“He admitted to cheating and I can’t get over it”

My boyfriend and I have just celebrated our one year anniversary together, and have undergone tremendous growth in the last year, resulting in plans for a life and future together. A few months ago, though, he admitted to cheating in the first couple of months of our relationship… with more than one girl.

I was obviously heartbroken, but decided that at the end of the day, his apology was sincere and I do still love him and want to pursue a future with him. The problem is, not only do I see the girls around campus, but he also works with them both. I feel like I’ve forgiven him, but every time I see one, or they come up in conversation with other friends, I get overcome by anger and pain. Not necessarily directed toward him, just with the whole situation. If I know I can trust him and I feel like I’ve forgiven him, how do I stop these girls and associated feelings from hurting me?

“He’s been messaging other women on Craigslist”

My previous ex had a relationship with a girl,  the last 2 years of our relationship. So I’ve always been “on guard” with all relationships after that one.

I found a guy who experienced a similar issue with his ex wife (outside relationships discovered via text msg,) so I felt good going in. I recently discovered that he’s been messaging girls/couples on Craigslist when I’m not staying over at his place. I can go into why I know this, but just know it wasn’t due to over snooping on his devices.

I don’t know how to bring it up to him. I want to because since I figured it out, I’ve made every excuse I can think of for us not to have sex for fear of transmittal. What is hard too, is I love him. He’s an amazing partner, if I didn’t know this was happening behind the scenes. Help please? Is there a way back from this?

“I’ve moved on but feel guilty”

I cheated on my lost-distance boyfriend of 4 years, with a guy I’ve known for a while (who was in the same city as me), but who was dating my friend at the time (he cheated on her also).

My boyfriend (“Adam”) and I had been falling out and I was having some issues that he sort of ignored, while the other guy, we’ll call him “Wade”, paid attention and asked me about them and was really there for me when I needed it. Continue reading

“I found out she cheated on me 4 years later!”

My question is this, I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years. I just recently found out that back when we first started talking and about to start dating, she had to take a trip to go get a divorce that was already in the works, finalized.

When she went to CA from FL to do that, she ended up fucking someone there she used to hang out with (before she left for CA we were having sex,) then she asks me to pick her up when she got back and at the time I didn’t know she did this till now (4 years later.) So now in my head I just realized that we had sex, she left, had sex with someone, then came back and had sex with me. Should I be allowed to be mad? In legalities, we weren’t officially dating from her words.

“I’ve slept with my ex again”

My ex and I were together for 4 years, so we have a lot of history and even though he really hurt me, I still love him. He broke up with me for a new girl, and they’ve been together for almost 2 months. She left to study abroad recently, and he cheated on her with me (I know I suck) and I feel horrible.

As much as I miss him and am jealous of her, I feel bad for this girl and that he is hurting her the way he hurt me. Should I tell her? Or warn her about him? I don’t want to intrude any more than I already have. Basically, I’m jealous of her relationship with my ex, but I also see myself in this girl and feel bad she is in this situation.

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“He’s talking marriage but I just don’t trust him”

I need some advice! My boyfriend and I have been together a total of almost a year and a half and just a few months ago he had “out of no where” broke up with me for about a month . It all started when his phone lit up and he received a text from a girl talking about what each of them like to do (like go hiking). They seemed to be talking about things in order to get to know each other.

I am all about having friends so I have never really went too far into anything , but this struck me as a little odd, so I confronted him and asked him to see the texts and he promptly said “no”, put his phone away and turned it around on me and exclaimed that if I trusted him I wouldn’t be asking him about it. Continue reading