“I feel like the guy I’m with is using me”

We’ve been seeing each other since last November. So about 9 months now. I go out of my way to do things for him. We have sex all the time. I get him surprises all the time. And I’m committed to him.

Since day one he has said that he doesn’t want to commit, that he’s not ready, that he loves me and I’m a big part of his life, and that he’s not ready for a relationship, but that he is trying. Continue reading


“An old flame blew me off, now he’s back in my life”

When I was younger I had a relationship with someone who I was pretty deeply into. While I know it was never anything extremely serious at the time, I held out hope that it would turn into something more.

Back then I worked at a bar and my friend, we’ll call him Manny, came in one night to hang out while I worked, so I started a tab for him so he could have a couple drinks and chill. I came by to check on Manny after a while and he mentioned that he was getting tired and was thinking about heading home in a bit. I offered to come by when I got off of work and he assured me that he would probably be asleep by then so it might not be a good idea, and then he got up, excused himself and went to the restroom. While he went to answer nature’s call, I went to settle the tab and my friend behind the bar was adamant that I was NOT paying for the tab. Continue reading

“The only reason I’m still at college is volleyball”

I’m a Junior in college, I really messed up my second semester freshman year, and failed three classes. I pretty much learned my lesson and haven’t had anything below a 3.3 GPA after the fact, and even got a 3.73 my last semester. Which, by the way, is incredibly good for me because I never tried very hard in school. I’m not dumb or stupid, I’m just very lazy when it comes to school work. However, I’ve worked really hard the last couple semesters but this semester is really getting to me even though it’s not very difficult. I’m the opposite of a motivated person when it comes to schoolwork. I’ll work my job and work my ass off but when it comes to school work, my mind just refuses to let me focus. Continue reading

“My mother-in-law gives me anxiety”

I need advice on what to do with my mother-in-law. When I’m around her, the first thing she does is talk about my sister-in-law (her daughter), from how much she gave her for her wedding to how proud she is of her for buying a house, or what she should get her for her birthday, or when we took her out to eat, how much the daughter loves this type of food to how much maternity leave time she will take (before she was even pregnant).

At my daughter’s baptizing, any time I was near her, instead of focusing on my daughter, she was talking to me about her daughter’s wedding. At a family function when she first arrived, she went right to daughter and husband and gave them a big hug, but barely said hi to me.

When I know I’m going to be around her, I get anxiety and my heart races. Should I say something to her? And if so, what? My husband recognizes it, but doesn’t care enough to say anything to her. He refuses so that is not an option.

“My boyfriend is weird about tipping”

I’d like advice on how to handle some things I’ve noticed about my boyfriend of almost three months. A few times since dating, he has sent back food at a restaurant — not because the order was wrong, but because the dishes did not live up to his expectations. I think I have sent dishes back maybe like two times my entire life, and it’s been because the orders were wrong.

Then on one occasion, we ordered two glasses of wine, and the waitress indicated she would bring us a carafe. When he received his ticket at the end of the meal, the carafe was either $2 or $4 more than it would have been if we would have just received the two glasses of wine. He proceeded to write a note on the ticket. I was so embarrassed. To make matters worse, the next morning, we went out to breakfast and I paid. At the bottom of the receipt it had gratuity recommendations and $7 was 15%, so I tipped $7. He then asked me why I only tipped $7. The night after he didn’t tip a waitress and wrote a note on a receipt!

I can’t decide if I should say something to him about this. I Feel like this could be a character flaw, in that he is extremely picky.

“I lied to her about my career and family”

I’m not sure how long me and my girl have been dating, because we only go out  once a week, and we also had a packed schedule, but we have gone out for seven dates and we message each other everyday.

I would say that we had a deep connection and understanding for one another, but during our fifth date, I made a mistake. I told her that I began dating because I used to like another girl, and that I want to replace my feelings for that other girl. When I said it, I thought there was nothing wrong with what I said to her. I didn’t commit infidelity, so I decided to tell her that. Continue reading

“I’m worried if she sees me, she won’t like me”

Sorry for the ridiculously long speech thing. Okay here’s my idiotic question – I am in high school btw. I have Facebook, but it seems everybody has Snapchat.  I like this girl, but she only gets on there like every seven or eight days, but she gets on Snapchat like everyday.

I’m not ugly, but I’m not very appealing either, and I don’t want to be taking pictures of myself and putting them on the internet. I don’t take pictures of myself even on Facebook, I just put pictures that I take and videos I like on there. So my question is do I have to take pictures of myself on there or can I just see whatever the heck other people post?

I really like this girl – even though she is really nice – I think she is too beautiful for someone like me. She asked me if I had Snapchat so she could add me. But my situation is that I am a Mexican American and I live in the country, and I have been with the same people in a small school for the past 9 years, so to be at a bigger school it frightens me that people are going to make fun of my little overweightness and my race and my last name.

There is no way they can’t figure out what race I am. Some people love my last name and think it’s great, but others laugh. So do I have to take pictures of myself? Thank you if you can answer,  I know they have pages around Snapchat questions but no one actually answer me specifically.

“My ex-husband lives with us and I want him”

This is insane. 23 years ago, I got pregnant with a child, and the father was 9 years older than me. He was a felon just released on parole, and I was a 16 year old in a catholic school. I truly loved him and married him at 18.

He did go back to prison and for the next 10 years, he was in and out of prison.  I continued on with life, and got married to another man, and had another child. Since then, I divorced him, and moved back home. Continue reading