“I feel guilty for making a list of all the horrible things she said”

I have a situation that is making me feel so guilty and I would love to have someone else’s opinion as it is keeping me up at night .

Basically, I have a friend who was very horrible to me last year. She would constantly give me soy comments about how my hair made me look , my legs and weight and lots of other criticisms, I told my closest friends about the situations and they all said I should stand up to her. But what I feel guilty about is making a list of all the horrible things she had said to me . I shared this list with my friends and they all said the situation was bad. This friend has since apologized in the new year and I have forgiven her. Will my closest friends think I am two faced for talking about the awful things she said to me and even making a list now that I am friends with her again?? Thank you so much for any advice.



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