“I’m worried if she sees me, she won’t like me”

Sorry for the ridiculously long speech thing. Okay here’s my idiotic question – I am in high school btw. I have Facebook, but it seems everybody has Snapchat.  I like this girl, but she only gets on there like every seven or eight days, but she gets on Snapchat like everyday.

I’m not ugly, but I’m not very appealing either, and I don’t want to be taking pictures of myself and putting them on the internet. I don’t take pictures of myself even on Facebook, I just put pictures that I take and videos I like on there. So my question is do I have to take pictures of myself on there or can I just see whatever the heck other people post?

I really like this girl – even though she is really nice – I think she is too beautiful for someone like me. She asked me if I had Snapchat so she could add me. But my situation is that I am a Mexican American and I live in the country, and I have been with the same people in a small school for the past 9 years, so to be at a bigger school it frightens me that people are going to make fun of my little overweightness and my race and my last name.

There is no way they can’t figure out what race I am. Some people love my last name and think it’s great, but others laugh. So do I have to take pictures of myself? Thank you if you can answer,  I know they have pages around Snapchat questions but no one actually answer me specifically.

What do you think?

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