“We got high and he hasn’t asked me on another date”

I’m 20 years old with a shit ton of anxiety. So I might need some advice and someone to hit me over the head and snap me back to reality. I met this guy (23) who super liked me on Tinder and we went on four dates in total and he’s been texting me regularly with a few minutes too a few hours gap in between our texts.

Each date got progressively better and the fourth one seemed like it was the most successful, he wanted to hang out longer, so we smoked some weed and watched a really bad movie in my dorm. Things were fine (and I’m also kinda sure he got a boner LOL) until the end, I got a little nervous once I realized it was late and he had to go home stoned. I made the awful mistake of apologizing too much and I was so high, I temporarily forgot the right direction to the train station as I was walking him back. I found it and we awkwardly hugged before we left and we’ve been texting again, but I’ve been much more anxious, he’s been pulling back. He hasn’t asked me on a fifth date and I really don’t think I should ask because I don’t want to appear too needy, especially after the end of the fourth date fiasco.

He’s texting me but I always get nervous he’ll suddenly stop and I’m very nervous he won’t want to ask me out again since he hasn’t mentioned it..  😦 I should probably take the time to mention we both haven’t even kissed or held hands. I’m not sure if he’s as inexperienced as me (since I’ve never held hands with someone) or he just is waiting for me to make a move but I can’t even do that yet since I’m afraid we won’t make it to a fifth date. Anyway, I read a lot of articles to basically convince myself that I’m the object of desire bla bla, men like a chase, back up and make him think about ya, so PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS ANYMORE TIPS PLEASE HELP and THANK YOU!!!


2 thoughts on ““We got high and he hasn’t asked me on another date”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Move on to someone who appreciates you more. This one is just using you for Miss Right Now Until Someone Better Comes Along or he would have asked you on a date or to be a girlfriend. A man interested never makes his intentions unknown, especially for as long as four months, just in case his intended garners a new beau.

    You deserve better. Aim higher.

  2. David Simank says:

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