“His wedding date is tattooed on his arm”

My boyfriend of 2 years was married before. He has a cheesy, romantic quote about love, with his wedding date tattooed on his arm. It’s from 2010. They were only married for about a year so he’s been divorced for a while plus he’s been dating me for a while. We have talked about him getting it covered up a few times before. But he still hasn’t.

Is it wrong for me to be upset about this? We got into an argument recently about it and he snapped and said that it’s his body and he will do with it what he wants and that he is not ashamed of his past/choices. This happened in front of his mom and sister, it made me and our relationship feel super insignificant, especially since I thought we were quite serious and have been living together for almost a year now.

3 thoughts on ““His wedding date is tattooed on his arm”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah… This isn’t something to get upset over. That’s just a piece of his life that is history. You marking your territory won’t make that wedding date go away even if it’s just on his skin. If this is the biggest fish to fry in your relationship then you should consider it pretty solid.

    Maybe ask yourself what makes you upset about it. Meditate on that. Maybe you don’t feel like the relationship is solid? Why don’t you? These are questions for you to answer to yourself.

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