“My boyfriend slept with his cousin”

My BF slept with his “cousin” and they live together. I found out because she called me to tell me she was his wife and raised his kids. At first it made sense why he never invited me to his home but later found out by him, that he wasn’t married, and it wasn’t his real cousin.

He confessed saying he slept with her a handful of times after his divorce and they grew up together and his aunt who couldn’t have kids raised her so they weren’t biological cousins. They live together and I asked for him to move out or she move out. So he agreed to moving out but needs about three months to get financially ready. In the meantime I asked to meet her because apparently she apologized to him for going on a jealousy rant, and said I could come over, (mind you she has a boyfriend.)  I asked my BF to introduce me to make sure they aren’t together or there isn’t any beef or problems and he doesn’t like the idea.

Not sure what to do, I gave him three options. 1. I support him until he moves out but I want to meet her. 2. No communication until he gets his sh* together, or 3. Walk away. He is willing to do 1 but is extremely upset. Am I being crazy for wanting to meet his “cousin”? I want to make sure there’s nothing going on while he moves out and is clear he is dating me. Suggestions?

One thought on ““My boyfriend slept with his cousin”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Run. Before Maury or Jerry Springer call you to go on their talk show. This is too much crazy for too young a relationship. Also, wow at the lack of morals to sleeping with your cousin, related by blood or not. THAT’S YOUR COUSIN. Oh hell to the no.

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