“I’m falling for an exotic dancer”

31/M/Registered Nurse. I am just out of a 10 year marriage and have had a lot of trouble dating. I lost a lot of weight, improved the way I dressed, without any luck. I ended up befriending a couple exotic dancers that are much younger than I am. One of whom I am very interested in pursuing a relationship with. She’s in a relationship with another guy but is constantly spending time with me. Her partner and her have a very bad relationship and he’s very distant.

Almost every day she’s asking for comfort from me because he doesn’t support her. I give it freely but have made my feelings known but stated I’d prefer their relationship run it’s course before I pursue anything. I ended up inviting them along for a vacation in a city where they work occasionally. This led to her partner distancing himself further and yet another night of talking/texting/spending time together.

My questions are as follows 1) Should I even be pursuing a relationship with an exotic dancer 10 years my junior? 2) Should I press her to leave her current partner since she’s so unhappy?

“His wedding date is tattooed on his arm”

My boyfriend of 2 years was married before. He has a cheesy, romantic quote about love, with his wedding date tattooed on his arm. It’s from 2010. They were only married for about a year so he’s been divorced for a while plus he’s been dating me for a while. We have talked about him getting it covered up a few times before. But he still hasn’t.

Is it wrong for me to be upset about this? We got into an argument recently about it and he snapped and said that it’s his body and he will do with it what he wants and that he is not ashamed of his past/choices. This happened in front of his mom and sister, it made me and our relationship feel super insignificant, especially since I thought we were quite serious and have been living together for almost a year now.

“My fiance is still seeing his ex-wife”

We’re sitting here talking, and he’s texting her. He doesn’t think I know, but I do. He changes her name to the person he is talking about or “talking to” the most that day and acts like the conversation is still going on.

She is his “ex”-wife (and I use that term loosely), and I am his fiancee. He has told me stories of how horrible she was to him, and how she “bamboozled” him into marriage. Yet he still talks to her. I know a woman’s intuition is usually spot on, but not only do I have that “gut feeling,” I have the proof to back it up. I know what time he actually gets off work, but he doesn’t know I am aware of the time.

H stays with me every night and talks to me all day long, but I know when he is talking from work, and talking when he is with her. We have dubbed the day I found out about him being married (we have been together for over a year — again — now, and this is a recent issue from August) to be called “D-day.” ┬áHe has “walked away” from everything he owns and knows, and I know that he hasn’t. Continue reading