“Am I being anal retentive about the car we share?”

I have a sweet boyfriend who is a part time mechanic. He bought a cheap old car, fixed it up a bit and lets me drive it. We live some thirty kilometers apart and it takes forever to get home on my scooter. We split the insurance and road taxes. I pay the gasoline and drive him to and from work.

But it bothers me something awful, whenever we talk to people, he says that it is his car and he just lets me drive it. It makes me feel like I am a little gold digger. I am paying half the expenses and all the gasoline. Am I being anal retentive if I would like him to say OUR car??

One thought on ““Am I being anal retentive about the car we share?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just ask him in a non-confrontational way to say it’s our car, then drop it, because technically he is right even if you pay half the expenses. I would judge how he reacts afterwards however, because in the long run how he treats you afterwards is more important. If he tries to remember to do that then he’s definitely a keeper, because that’s shows how he feels about your feelings and needs. If he makes a big deal out of it or light hearted teasing goes past a couple times then you may need to decide if that’s how you want to spend the rest of your life, because it’s not really about the car, now is it? It’s about where you stand in the relationship. Are we a “we” or are we single people who just happen to be solving our problems together at the moment?

    Best of luck to you.

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