“Am I being anal retentive about the car we share?”

I have a sweet boyfriend who is a part time mechanic. He bought a cheap old car, fixed it up a bit and lets me drive it. We live some thirty kilometers apart and it takes forever to get home on my scooter. We split the insurance and road taxes. I pay the gasoline and drive him to and from work.

But it bothers me something awful, whenever we talk to people, he says that it is his car and he just lets me drive it. It makes me feel like I am a little gold digger. I am paying half the expenses and all the gasoline. Am I being anal retentive if I would like him to say OUR car??

“My boyfriend all of a sudden wants to take our only car to work”

My boyfriend and I have one car. Right now he is working and I am not. He works real crazy hours (sometimes 20 hour days) so he says he doesn’t want me to work. I have been looking for a job anyway though.

Usually I take him to work, since it’s only 15 minutes down the road. For a while he was saying he wanted me to take him so I wasn’t stranded at home all day. Today we got in a huge fight. I drove him to work, we kissed, I went home, and everything was fine. Then about 2 hours later,¬†he called me saying he should be driving to work and that all my lazy ass does is sit at home. (Which is completely incorrect, I clean, wash his clothes, cook, grocery shop, pay all the bills, and run all the errands.)

I got real upset and asked where this was coming from. He said he’s tired of seeing everyone at work drive up in their cars and trucks, but I have to drop him off. My thing is though, why all of a sudden, is he¬†cussing me out over that? Why can’t he just say I want to drive to work today? He never has and it has become a habit, so it’s just how it’s been lately. I haven’t even thought anything of it. I don’t know what to do, please someone give me some advice.