“I’m confused by what my ex-girlfriend wants”

Me and my girlfriend broke up last Thursday because she needed space and learn how to find happiness within herself. But she said she still loves me.

Sunday one of my friends got In a argument about how I deserved better and weirdly, that day she was acting like we were dating again. Later on that day, she texted one of my exes and told her to leave me, her boyfriend, alone and block me. But on Monday, things went back to normal, and we were still broken up.

I get depressed a lot and Tuesday I woke up very in a bad mood and cut myself. When I told her, she didn’t seem to care and said she couldn’t talk anymore. I told her that it was okay, and later she texted me saying she didn’t mean forever. That confused me super bad and we started to talk again, but not like we were back together.

She texted another of my exes, saying we might be broken up, but we’ll be together again. I told her I loved her, but she didn’t say it back, and I don’t get how she acts like we’re something, or there might be something still, but then seems like she wants nothing to do with me.

I’m confused by her, but I can’t leave — I love her too much. Is there anything I can do?

One thought on ““I’m confused by what my ex-girlfriend wants”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are going to have to ride this one out to find out yourself. But here is a thought: do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t know they want you and only you 100%? That’s going to be in the back of your head the whole relationship.

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