“He doesn’t appreciate me and I think I should leave him”

So …. I met this guy while I was working at a national park.

We got close together very fast. Fast, as in we had sex maybe within a week or two? But I liked being with him and even though it was my first, I had no opposition to it or anything. We did have lot of fights though. Sometimes small, sometimes big. And I did break up with him but we got back together within a week .

So now, our contracts are over and now I’m back in my home state and he actually got a job in my home state so we’re 5-6 hours away. The problem is, this long distance is soooo damn hard for me. Idk about him, but to me it’s driving me nuts. Continue reading

“My girfriends’ stories about her ex are upsetting me”

I keep finding out from my girlfriend (been dating for 3 months) about boys that she has kissed or given blowjobs to in the past before we dated and it really messes with my head, especially because of the biggest issue.

About 2 months before we started dating (neither of us even liked each other at the time) she was “friends with benefits” with my best friend, and would constantly describe what kind of actions she would do for him, and the worst of all, he gave me very specific details about the time that he took her virginity (they only had sex 3 times, the first time being her very first time ever).

My girlfriend truly does regret it and wishes it didn’t happen, but my mind cannot get rid of those specific details that I was told, and even a video that my best friend showed me (before her and I dated) of him getting a blow job from her. It hurts every time it crosses my mind and it’s started to hurt our relationship and it’s starting to make me very sad. I would like help to be able to clear my mind and come at ease with the whole situation.

“My wife slept with a guy on a cruise”

I have been married for almost 2 years and have dated her for 16 years. About 10 months ago, my wife told me she slept with a guy while on a cruise with girlfriends 12 years ago. I’m upset about it and can’t let it go.

After telling me about him,  I found a picture album with a number of pictures of her with him, taken on the cruise, and she told me she called him after the cruise twice.

“I’m pissed at my boyfriend who is smoking weed”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2.5 years and have a future ahead of us. I love him with all of me and would do anything to make him happy.

Last night we got into an argument regarding him smoking. He was not a smoker when we began dating, but during a short break early on in the relationship, he turned to it to cope. As we got back together, he felt he didn’t need weed anymore and “put it to the side”. Over the years, he has lied, and gone behind my back to smoke with friends. Recently, we agreed that I would be more open to the idea of smoking if he could maintain honesty and good communication about it, which I thought would help. Continue reading

“My friends don’t care I was hurt by my ex”

I know there’s nothing I can do, but if anything, I just wanted to vent. I’m just feeling somewhat upset that my friends remain such close friends with my ex. It’s been years since things ended, but he cheated with my best friend at the time, among other things, so it left me with lasting insecurities.

I’d prefer never to see him or hear about him again, but we share so many mutual friends. I was hoping at least my closest female friends would understand how I feel, but it doesn’t feel so. Last night, I was out with a few girl friends, and they invited him out too. They got incredibly drunk and kept giggling about how much they adore him, how cute they think he is, how much they want to hook up with him, how they message him every single day, etc. They kept talking about it all night, and I felt so uncomfortable. I know I can’t dictate who my friends are friends with, and I know it’s ancient history.

Regardless, it was a part of my life that really messed me up, and I had hoped my closest friends would sympathize. I don’t expect them to never speak to him again, but I at least would imagine they wouldn’t constantly invite him to our girl’s nights out,  or gab about him incessantly in front of me. I just feel invalidated, like they never even acknowledged how hurt I was. I wish I could change the way I feel about this.

“I found out her mother has breast cancer”

So the story goes… I dated this girl for about 9 months. The first few months were great, our families already knew each other, everyone approved, and life was good.

As the days passed, I started to realize she might not be for me. She got on my nerves and we were just different people. We ended up breaking up.

Two days ago I found out her mother has breast cancer. I text her to say how sorry I was. This news literally shook me to my core. I felt like such a piece of shit that I added to her misery at this trying time. My mother has passed away so it really hit home. We started talking about us and how hurt she is. She asked me not to speak to her anymore if we are really over so she could find closure. I agreed. Continue reading