“I found out her mother has breast cancer”

So the story goes… I dated this girl for about 9 months. The first few months were great, our families already knew each other, everyone approved, and life was good.

As the days passed, I started to realize she might not be for me. She got on my nerves and we were just different people. We ended up breaking up.

Two days ago I found out her mother has breast cancer. I text her to say how sorry I was. This news literally shook me to my core. I felt like such a piece of shit that I added to her misery at this trying time. My mother has passed away so it really hit home. We started talking about us and how hurt she is. She asked me not to speak to her anymore if we are really over so she could find closure. I agreed.

I’ve been depressed all day. When we broke up I was okay with it. Now I want to go over and kiss and hug her! The obvious answer is the recent news just has me feeling down and I will move past it. Not sure the point of this post other than hopefully someone has some words of wisdom for me.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on ““I found out her mother has breast cancer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe go for a long walk or meditate. Definitely comply with her wishes to be left alone. You will just add to the drama and she doesn’t need that right now. Right now she needs to focus on her family.

  2. therapyinsdcom says:

    You want to comfort your ex, it’s a testament the positive feelings still you have for her even if they aren’t romantic. Although she may not be in a place to hear from you, the words and emotions can still be put on paper so you can get them out. Maybe you save it to give to her at a another time when things aren’t so fresh, or maybe not. Regardless, it’s a good way to make sense of things a little bit more while still honoring her wishes.

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