“My boyfriend encourages me to flirt with my teacher”

I have been dating my boyfriend for nine months now, and I love him to death, but sometimes I don’t get the emotional love and attention I would like from him. I have been taking a class at our university this summer, and my lab GTA has been increasingly flirting with me over the course of the class.

My boyfriend encouraged me to flirt back and even offered up a “hall pass” to help me pass the class (I thought he was joking – he’s not). I feel incredibly uncomfortable that he would suggest that, because I would never cheat in class (let alone get involved with a teacher) or on my boyfriend.

My problem is that I don’t know what to think about how my boyfriend is acting towards the situation. My other problem is that I genuinely like my GTA as a person, and I would really like to be friends with him. He is obviously flirting with me, and I don’t know how to pursue a friendly relationship without him thinking I was leading him on or using him for a good grade.

“Am I a secret admirer or creepy stalker?”

I am divorced. I went to my son’s new school (he is 5) and met some of the teachers. There was one that spent an amazing amount of time with him. I was taken by her…she was charming, excellent and patient with him, and very attractive. I left the school knowing nothing could happen but I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I want to be clear – I have met her only once. I have no delusions of what she is like and I am not falling over myself about her. However, I am, among other things, a musician and she inspired me to write a song. It’s a fan favorite, actually, about meeting someone that you have an instant attraction to, and you have to bypass that attraction. Continue reading

“My teacher is inappropriate with girls”

Put shortly, I loathe my physical education teacher and would be happy to see him fired.
Every day, he rubs the girl’s arms, legs, and occasionally picks them up in his arm and carries them, or drags them by the leg across the gym for ‘fun’.

Would this be considered inappropriate? If one of these girls did decide to step forward, could she take legal action, provided they have solid proof (eg. photo/video proof or several witnesses)?
Thanks again.

“My teacher is picking on me”

I am in high school, and a pretty good student, known for being well behaved. Last semester I had gym with the teacher now teaching me science. She isn’t very good, but last semester I made an effort to be good to her, because it is her first teaching job and I wanted to be helpful.

This semester, however, I’ve had a really hard time concentrating in her class because she doesn’t control behavior, and other students are really noisy. I tend to not pay attention sometimes, and I know that it’s wrong, but no one else in my class pays attention. I get grades between 85 and 100 in her class.

The other day she yelled at me in front of the class and then told me to meet her after school to discuss my behavior. During the meeting I felt really bad, apologized, and promised to make a better effort. These last two weeks I have been copying all the notes and paying perfect attention, yet she still gives me terrible looks and says harsh things to me. There are students who yell at her, insult her, and act dangerously in her class and she says nothing to them, but continues to pick on me. What should I do? All my friends are angry about the way she treats me, but I just feel confused. I don’t want her to feel badly, I just want to make it stop.

“I have a crush on my teacher”

I’m only 16 but I’ve always had a thing for my science teacher. Recently it’s got so bad, that I accidentally ‘fell’ and touched his crotch, and I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m getting obsessed with him. No one knows and I don’t want anyone to, but I need help to get over it.

“I’ve had a gay crush on my high school teacher for years now”

I am a female high school senior, and I’ve had a crush on my female teacher since tenth grade (I’m not out to many people yet). She’s single and 17 years older than me. I’ve been trying to get rid of this crush for years, but it won’t budge, even after I stopped taking her class. She’s just so ideal to me: smart, funny, interesting, and pretty … I really fell hard for her and it sucks. I am pretty sure she suspects I like her, but she ignores it (like she should). We have a pretty good professional relationship, and sometimes we talk about our outside lives.

I’ve been mentally debating a lot about whether or not I should just tell her how I feel on the last day. I don’t want her to return my feelings, but rather I think it will give me the closure to get over it and move on in college. Continue reading