“I’m in love with a guy who has a girlfriend”

This is going to be a bit long I guess, but please bear with me because I am in a difficult place and I need help right now. So, I met this guy, A, in 6th grade and we became close. We admitted back then that we had a crush on each other but then our friendship kind of faded because we didn’t hang a lot anymore again and I forgot why.

Then in 9th grade we became close again and I really enjoyed being around him but I only saw him as a best friend as I was having a crush on another guy at the time. And then at 10th grade, he and another guy confessed to me they liked me but I stupidly chose the other guy and he turned out to be a jerk. Continue reading

“He didn’t know what he wanted two years ago, but now wants to see me”

I dated a man (whom I met through a personal friend) back in ’14. Whilst things were going great at first, I decided after a pull back and keep things friendly. After a while I just realized that he honestly didn’t know what he wanted, didn’t know where he was going in life and simply put wasn’t ready for a relationship. Despite the fact that there was an age difference. I’m now 31 he’s 41.

We kept in contact and met up occasionally but again, I kept things casual and as friends despite the fact that he continued to give me mixed messages. He would continue to flirt with me, be touchy, want to spend time together, etc. Our mutual friend didn’t understand really what was happening there either. But I eventually moved on and started seeing my ex (wasn’t planned at all) but life goes on.

Early last year, he told me that he started seeing someone. I was happy for him and told him I was in a good place as well and that I had reconnected with my ex and that we were expecting (wasn’t planned either but was completely awesome nonetheless). He got completely saddened by it (strange for someone who didn’t know what he wanted when we were dating and was now in a relationship with someone else) and drilled me about my ex. Continue reading

“Every time I try to get closer to him, he pushes me away”

I lay there beside him, pain welling within my chest. My muscles tight, and shaking slightly. It was an anxiety attack, nothing new. I have been dealing with them for years, but, lately, they had begun getting worse. At times, they would last for hours, sometimes they lasted for days. I used to be able to control it. I would go for walks, listen to music, or play with the cat. Anything to distract myself. Those things didn’t work anymore, not since I met him.

Well, reunited would be a better word than met. I’ve known him off and on for years. He is damaged, like I am. Though, he isn’t weak, like I am. He’s been through so much; horrid relationships, psychotic friends, major depression, suicide attempts, drug addictions, overly judgmental family, and a sick, mentally abusive mother. All of that, and he still came out on top, He still fights to enjoy every second of life. His strength is one of the main things I love about him. I am drawn to it, like a moth to a bug light. One of those electric bug lights, because the closer I get to him, the more it hurts.  Continue reading

“Should I stay or should I go?”

I’m a mum of a lovely two-year-old who I love with all my heart. I’m with her dad at the moment, but we had a bit of an off/on relationship, although we’ve been together for about 10 years.

Problem is, he makes me feel so low about myself sometimes (especially after he’s had a drink). Even when our daughter calls out for mummy when she wakes up in the night, he blames me for “over-mothering” and making him feel like a bad father! I am a very hands-on mum and work in childcare. so my daughter spends a lot of time with me. which I personally think is great. as we have such a great relationship. But he makes me feel guilty about this so often!

Continue reading