“She hates my career choice”

I am a married man in the military. My wife and I have been married 11 years and have 3 kids. I have been in the military 8 years. She hates my job and everything that comes with it. She wants me to move us from our current posting, that she hates, to somewhere new.

Then leave the military in 3-4 years, when my current contract ends. I want a full career, 20+ years, and love my job. Our marriage is tempestuous and she has trust issues. What do I do? Stay in my career but probably get divorced, or give it up and hopefully stay married?



“I want him so bad it drives me insane!!”

So, this is not necessarily a question but more so a vent and maybe some advice.

I guess for the past 7-8 months or so I have become fixated on a man. He is a total stranger, I have never even had a conversation with him. How it started was, he is a doctor in my local city, he has commercials advertised on TV regularly, I happen to see one and there he was, he was absolutely gorgeous. Continue reading

“How do I get my ex to leave me alone?”

Hi there, I’d like a little advice about trouble I’m having with an ex. To start, I want to say I’ve been happily married for a few years. I’m turning to you because I have an ex who continues to pop up in my life randomly.

When we were together, she broke up with me because she said her mental illness didn’t allow her to keep an interest in any one parter for more than a year. It was the first time my heart was really broken, and it took me some time to recover. I had thought at the time this was the person I would marry. Continue reading

“I like this guy at work”

I’ve met a guy at work last week, and it clicked on all levels, I can’t stop thinking about him! But the day we met was his last day in our office, now he works in different one. Should I send him an email and ask how his new place is? Don’t even know if he would respond, but I think he liked me too. Should I email him??

Forgot to mention, I’m already married…


“She undermined me about my kid’s TV”

When my wife and I first married we decided that our kids would not be allowed to have TV’s in their bedrooms. We recently bought a new house and our now teenage son has been asking for a TV for his room.

We discussed it and I still feel very strongly about him not having one in his room. We have 3 other TV’s in the house. He doesn’t need to be holed up in his room 24 hours a day. A few days ago, while I was working, he asked my wife if he could take a TV up to his room that we had, that wasn’t hooked up because it didn’t work very well. She let him and no one ever said anything to me about it, after multiple discussions on the topic.

I saw it yesterday and told my wife I was not happy about it. I didn’t go off or blow my lid but I am pissed about it. And now I am being treated like I’m an ass for being upset about it. Am I wrong for being mad? I feel like she undermined me on something I felt very strongly about even though “the TV barely works, what’s the big deal?”

“I’ve lost my self-worth after sleeping with a married man’

So to keep it short, since about April I have been involved with a married man. He is 37, and I am 25. I too, am involved in a long term relationship so I guess we both could relate on some of the issues that we have been dealing with in the both of our relationships, which in turn sort of started the whole affair.

We both agreed to trying our best at not developing feelings, which was totally cool at first. But lately I’ve been having strong feelings. I feel a lot of guilt on so many levels, and I feel so worthless ever since we started sleeping together. Each time we have sex and he leaves, I can’t help but due to the shame that I feel. It’s like he takes a piece of me each and every single time he leaves after we are done.

I really want to break this off, especially knowing that our relationship will never be anything more than what it is. But sadly I have fallen for him. I have nobody to vent to, and it’s eating me up inside. I’m just curious as to how do I let this guy go? How do I emotionally and spiritually pick myself back up again? How do I get my self worth back again? He took it all from me.