“I want him so bad it drives me insane!!”

So, this is not necessarily a question but more so a vent and maybe some advice.

I guess for the past 7-8 months or so I have become fixated on a man. He is a total stranger, I have never even had a conversation with him. How it started was, he is a doctor in my local city, he has commercials advertised on TV regularly, I happen to see one and there he was, he was absolutely gorgeous. Being curious, I got on Facebook and searched for him. He is married of course, but I scanned through his profile looking at pictures of him and his family. After that, I just kept thinking of him so I would go back to his Facebook every so often and look. This is where it gets weird.

I actually had a dream about him, a tad bit sexual, the next day I am at the grocery store shopping and HE IS THERE. I have never had my body completely shut down on me like that. I froze, and that almost-white feeling came over me. I stood there and just stared at him from across the store, I kinda followed him around the store, I was just so shocked that he was right in front of me. And god help me, he was just as sexy in person as he was on TV and his Facebook.

So fast forward to now, I still think about him continuously. I dream about him all the time. It sounds psychotic I know. I really can’t help it though, it’s like I feel like I know him. I have even contemplated on trying to get in as a patient at his office just to be around him. I sometimes think that maybe it’s because he is everything I dreamt about in a man when I was younger. He is tall, dark hair, dark eyes, built, he dresses professional and he’s successful. One major problem is not only is he married, but I am as well, so you can imagine how odd it is for me to be fixated on someone else. I want him so bad it drives me insane!!


One thought on ““I want him so bad it drives me insane!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What you are describing is a obsession. A licensed professional psychiatrist will help you move on. Ps, stop stalking this man who you honestly don’t know.

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