“My husband is an addict and needs help”

I don’t know whether to stay or leave……my husband just lost his job, after being there a little over a year. It’s the longest job he’s held since we’ve been married (10 years almost). He lost it because he failed a ua (meth).

I recently found out he was using and he promised to stop. He has now, for maybe a week, so I’m not holding my breath that he’s done for good. This isn’t the first time he’s battled an addiction either. He’s gambled thousands of dollars, clearing our bank account and right before Christmas.

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“Do I fix or forget my stuck-in-the-mud boyfriend?”

So, in the nicest way possible, I think I’m dating a loser. I guess I’m the quintessential girl that always dates guys that need fixing, but it’s never intentional. The last guy I dated had suffered emotional / physical abuse and it was complicated, but very passionate and I loved him very much. I kind of walked into a mess on this one. My current bf was still living with his ex’s family when we met, but they had already broken up and he was moving out and back in with his parents before we even got close enough to consider dating, but I didn’t know all this until later.

We were set up, and had two months of mixed signals and odd communication before finally getting together. He was struggling in school and didn’t have many friends because his ex was controlling and also pretty mentally and financially abusive, so he transferred to my university to get back on track with his life. I go to the university he was originally going to go to before his ex convinced him to go to her college , so it felt like he was going full circle. He was passionate and excited and I thought he would adjust quickly and be fine. We were hot and heavy and in love and were a really cute couple, and I felt that it could just go up from there. So I thought. Continue reading

“I dumped my boyfriend over a job he took”

My ex boyfriend and I work in the same industry. Essentially he accepted a job working for someone who screwed me over. I asked him not to take it, he agreed, but the next day called me at work to tell me he took the position, and I was so furious I broke up with him. Part of me understands, the money is good. The other part of me is enraged and hurt, and betrayed. Did I overreact? It would be our 3rd time breaking up, and probably the last. I am so incredibly sad.

“I’m ashamed of my mom as she keeps quitting her job”

My mom recently got a new job. She refills vending machines – and I’m really disappointed in her.  She started going to college to be an interior designer, she quit, worked at a restaurant, and quit. She’s working here, and who knows when she gives up next and what other job she will get.

I feel so embarrassed because I KNOW she can do so much better and do the job she loves (interior design,) but she just gave up. I know she’s trying to support the family with bills and stuff, but for the past 12 years my dad alone did it and we were just fine. I’m just really frustrated and ashamed because I know she’s capable of so much more.

“My fiancee wants me to leave my job and move”

My fiancée has been a teacher for 10 years now and is really frustrated because she feels stagnant in her career. She thinks she hasn’t advanced because she’s followed me around – first to a two-year MBA program where she taught at two different schools and now to a new city where I got a new job.

She really doesn’t enjoy this city and she’s had to start over at a new school again. She sees me take on a leadership role at my company and told me today that she resents it because she feels she can’t get traction anywhere, since she has to start over each year. Continue reading