“I’m ashamed of my mom as she keeps quitting her job”

My mom recently got a new job. She refills vending machines – and I’m really disappointed in her.  She started going to college to be an interior designer, she quit, worked at a restaurant, and quit. She’s working here, and who knows when she gives up next and what other job she will get.

I feel so embarrassed because I KNOW she can do so much better and do the job she loves (interior design,) but she just gave up. I know she’s trying to support the family with bills and stuff, but for the past 12 years my dad alone did it and we were just fine. I’m just really frustrated and ashamed because I know she’s capable of so much more.

2 thoughts on ““I’m ashamed of my mom as she keeps quitting her job”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really? You think that being embarrassed of her is helping? It’s not.

    She’s at least got a job to get by and help the family. You must have never worked in the food industry. It’s a horrible job. Also interior design is hit and miss. You never know when you’ll get a job to do and you get paid very low. There are a finite supply of people rich enough to even want it. Have you never watched HG TV? There’s plenty of people out there who are willing to do that themselves and don’t want advice on how to decorate their homes.

    The embarrassment is someone who so ungrateful that their loving mother is working at something to help support their family until she can find her road that they are “embarrassed.” You want to help her? Then tell her she’s awesome at whatever she is awesome at and build her confidence back up. I don’t mean false compliments. Real ones.

    And stop being ashamed of your mother. Just because it’s not the road you want her to take doesn’t mean it’s not the right one. It’s the right one for her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the other person was a little harsh. Our parents are role models, and so I think it’s normal to be disappointed in them when they don’t chase their dreams because of us. I think you have to realize that you are one of the reasons that she probably is having a job instead of going to college. Why don’t you have a conversation about why she left the other job or why she left her degree program. You might find that it was about money, such as the other job not paying her enough or giving her enough hours, and maybe College was too distracting from her duties as a mother or was too expensive. Your mother has her reasons for leaving both things, so why don’t you have that conversation. I do agree with the other commenter that you should encourage her or compliment her, though, she is your mother and you should be supportive.

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