“How should I approach this?”

I am leaving this summer to go to East Asia to lead and take part in a missions project. There is a girl I am quite interested in and she is going on the trip with us. The trick though is that I am moving to the country and staying for school rather than going back to the States.

I don’t want my feelings to get in the way or affect my ministry but I don’t want to just leave these thoughts and feelings bottled up for me to just “deal with it”.

“I’ve been in love with the same girl for almost a decade”

I’ve quietly been in love with the same girl for almost a decade. How do I move on?

Firstly, apologies for the lengthiness – I have a lot to get off my chest.

I’ll start by giving this scenario a bit of context. I’m twenty years old and have been living in a fairly quiet rural town for just over ten years now. I’m two years out of school and a few months away from leaving to go to university. All of the friends I made at school have already started university, with some even approaching their final year. I’m still in very regular contact with them, but opportunities to see them or anyone else I know are spread out across the year and quite infrequent. I’m generally frustrated by living in a place with little to do on a day-to-day basis, but get some relief from knowing that the situation will be changing for me very soon. Continue reading

“Shall I wait for her?”

About four months ago, I started to use a language learning app. On this app I messaged this girl and we soon became friends. However, during all the times we interacted I started to develop feelings for her. I asked the people around me about what I should do about it. They told me that if you are certain that you like her, you should tell her.

I eventually told her how I feel towards her and she gave me a response that wasn’t really a no, but not a yes either. To sum it up, she said the distance is too big, so we wouldn’t be able to see each other and she’s not sure what to do about me confessing to her. We are still talking to this day, but now I’m starting to question myself with “Should I wait for her?” and “Should I just start looking around again?”

These questions stem from the fact that I really don’t know how she feels towards me, because the answer she gave me were right down the middle. I’m also paranoid by the fact that she may find another guy who is better then me and that makes me worry if waiting for her is worth it. I honestly do really want to be with her, but I feel like she doesn’t feel the same way in return. I don’t know, either to wait for her or just start talking to people again in a sense of dating.

“Did she want me to message her?”

I have this girl who thinks I am cute, we have hung out with a group of people, but never together. She then told several friends she thinks I am cute. Later she proceeds to add me on Facebook …….. A month has gone by when she added me on Facebook. Did she want me to message her?

“I moved away, and realize that she is in my head.”

Wondering if anyone had any input for this…About 2 years ago I broke up with an ex and shortly after hooked up with a co-worker’s sister.  He was pushing me to date her but as soon as I tried to move things forward she backed off and said that we could be friends if that was ok with me. I played it nicely and just backed off as well. Then followed a year and a half of randomly bumping into her very rarely. I was a bartender, and my way to cope with the breakup was just by sleeping with strangers (something I’d never done before) and not really looking for anything serious as I was planning to leave the country.

About 5 months ago, word got out that I was on my way out and she contacted me randomly on Facebook. To keep things short, we reconnected a few weeks later, meeting and hooking up, and had sex for the first time. Had a few more encounters after that and a couple ‘dates.’ Spent my last night in the country with her and now that I moved away, realize that she is in my head. Continue reading

“I like this girl but she is still into another guy”

I really like this girl, and she says she likes me too. But at the same time she is still open about how she’s not over this guy she’s been having sex with for about a year. I’ve talked to her about it and she said she’ll tell me when she’s over him, but I don’t know when that’ll be. My question is – Should I just ghost her until I don’t feel anything for her anymore, or should I continue to cuddle with her and try to win her over, even when I know she likes and is probably still having sex with another guy??

Info – We’re both college students, we go to school together, the boy she can’t get over lives four hours away in her home town.