“I like this girl but she is still into another guy”

I really like this girl, and she says she likes me too. But at the same time she is still open about how she’s not over this guy she’s been having sex with for about a year. I’ve talked to her about it and she said she’ll tell me when she’s over him, but I don’t know when that’ll be. My question is – Should I just ghost her until I don’t feel anything for her anymore, or should I continue to cuddle with her and try to win her over, even when I know she likes and is probably still having sex with another guy??

Info – We’re both college students, we go to school together, the boy she can’t get over lives four hours away in her home town.

3 thoughts on ““I like this girl but she is still into another guy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Never ghost anyone. That’s cowardly. Let her know you need to move on and why first. I would not waste any more time on her however and wish you good luck.

  2. E says:

    The most convenient option would be to forget her and move on. This sounds like drama and difficulty in the future. Since you are at college, if you have any bigger priorities study and career-wise, it is better to back off and fall for someone new.
    However, if you really really like like her and you really really can’t move on, step in and win her over. Make her forget the other guy. She said she liked you too, so why not?
    It’s all up to you.

  3. Joey says:

    One thing I’ve learned from these types of situations is: “If they’ll do it FOR you, they won’t be afraid to do it TO you.” Basically even if she does choose you now, whose to say she won’t pull this same move with someone else in the future. She doesn’t seem too upset having two guys to cuddle at the same time. My advice would be to move on, you could do much better than someone who isn’t sure who they want to choose.

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