“I moved away, and realize that she is in my head.”

Wondering if anyone had any input for this…About 2 years ago I broke up with an ex and shortly after hooked up with a co-worker’s sister.  He was pushing me to date her but as soon as I tried to move things forward she backed off and said that we could be friends if that was ok with me. I played it nicely and just backed off as well. Then followed a year and a half of randomly bumping into her very rarely. I was a bartender, and my way to cope with the breakup was just by sleeping with strangers (something I’d never done before) and not really looking for anything serious as I was planning to leave the country.

About 5 months ago, word got out that I was on my way out and she contacted me randomly on Facebook. To keep things short, we reconnected a few weeks later, meeting and hooking up, and had sex for the first time. Had a few more encounters after that and a couple ‘dates.’ Spent my last night in the country with her and now that I moved away, realize that she is in my head. She sent me a message a few weeks in, asking if I made it safely. Had a couple exchanges but then nothing for about a month now. While I was seeing her those few weeks, she insisted on putting her mailing address in my phone (I will be traveling a lot and talked about sending her postcards). Is it a good idea to write her? I know she is very busy with work and school (law). She works 9-5, then class till 9 and bed by 11 and usually doesn’t go out much. I’m not sure what to make of it but part of me wants to let her know that I’m thinking of her, even though I’m away and there is no way for us to be together for a while. Thanks guys.

One thought on ““I moved away, and realize that she is in my head.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you may be romanticizing the girl in your head. That happens in long distance relationships. Now might be a good time to start online dating people who are available to you so you can move on.

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