“Shall I wait for her?”

About four months ago, I started to use a language learning app. On this app I messaged this girl and we soon became friends. However, during all the times we interacted I started to develop feelings for her. I asked the people around me about what I should do about it. They told me that if you are certain that you like her, you should tell her.

I eventually told her how I feel towards her and she gave me a response that wasn’t really a no, but not a yes either. To sum it up, she said the distance is too big, so we wouldn’t be able to see each other and she’s not sure what to do about me confessing to her. We are still talking to this day, but now I’m starting to question myself with “Should I wait for her?” and “Should I just start looking around again?”

These questions stem from the fact that I really don’t know how she feels towards me, because the answer she gave me were right down the middle. I’m also paranoid by the fact that she may find another guy who is better then me and that makes me worry if waiting for her is worth it. I honestly do really want to be with her, but I feel like she doesn’t feel the same way in return. I don’t know, either to wait for her or just start talking to people again in a sense of dating.

2 thoughts on ““Shall I wait for her?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but she told you “no” as nicely as possible. “She said the distance is too big.” Keep her as a friend (a real friend not a I put kindness quarters into you until I get a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship ulterior motive friend). Any time that’s not a definate “yes” then they are a friend.

    Good luck to you in the dating life!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do not wait – “the distance is too big” is a nice way of saying no. I wouldn’t entertain it.

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