“Did she want me to message her?”

I have this girl who thinks I am cute, we have hung out with a group of people, but never together. She then told several friends she thinks I am cute. Later she proceeds to add me on Facebook …….. A month has gone by when she added me on Facebook. Did she want me to message her?

4 thoughts on ““Did she want me to message her?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She thinks you’re cute and wanted to connect with you on FB. Simple as that. But she most likely would be super happy if you messaged her. The question is, do you want to message her? Maybe she isn’t sure if you like her back and doesn’t want to come on too strong by messaging you. Girls can be shy like that, especially since we’re taught that if a guy really likes you, if will find a way to get in contact with you and pursue you. Unless if the guy is extremely shy himself. But since you already know that she likes you, I don’t think you should worry about being rejected. If you like her too, then just message her and see what happens. If not, don’t lead her on. Nothing good ever comes out of giving someone mixed signals.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wrong question. The question is “Do I want to message this cute girl?” If the answer is yes then say hi and make some small talk. Tell her one of her recent posts was great and add on to what you know on that subject. The longer you wait, the more likely some other guy will find her cute and text “how YOU doin?” 😉

    Best of luck shy guy! 🙂

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