“I’m not lazy, I’m insecure”

I’m a college senior with an English major and a music minor. I’ve finished 75 of the required credits, I have 49 credits left to graduate, that means I’m taking 18 credits in the Fall of 2017, I’ll have to take 18 credits in the Spring of 2018, and at least 13 in my last semester to graduate in the Fall of 2018.

I also was born with Spastic Hemiplegic CP, and I suffer from dyscalculia as a result. I tried to go to the Disabilities specialist for my school with documentation of my disability to see if I could get out of the math core, but they wouldn’t budge, so I have to take College Applications Math (Finite Math) to graduate, even though it’s likely that I’ll never use it again afterwards in my life. I tried to take the three credit Finite Math class, and even got tutoring. But my grade wasn’t getting above an F in the class, even with all that help, so I dropped it. Now, I’m going to be taking the four credit Finite Math class, which is slower and covers some remedial topics. But I’m still not sure I’m going to be able to do it, even with the best tutoring. Continue reading

“My boyfriend is worried about our future”

My boyfriend of 3 years told me about 2 months ago that he wasn’t sure what our future could be long term, and insinuated that he didn’t want to marry me or have kids, or at least wasn’t sure he would want to. Ever since, we’ve been getting into stupid fights which is infuriating, because we basically never fought before this, and I don’t want to have to deal with this issue now.

I’m 23: at what point do you have decide if marriage/no marriage is a deal breaker for you if you love the one you’re with? I picture any and all kinds of futures with him, but those possibilities are starting to narrow as he drifts away from me. I should also mention that he’s kind of going through a quarter-life crisis right now (he’s 26), so with him being down on himself and unsure of his own future, I don’t know if I should take every single thing he says seriously. What if this is just a passing mood for him and I miss out on spending more time with the love of my life? I don’t want to break up with him period, but I especially don’t want to break up with him over this. Help? What would you do?

“I’m having doubts about my boyfriend and our future”

I have been with this guy for almost a year, and I’ve never been happier. Lately he has been distancing himself, he will not go out and won’t talk to me for hours. I have recently been catching up with a friend of mine who I haven’t talked to in a very long time. I have never seen him as more than a friend, but the more I think about it, the more I feel as if I might actually have feelings for him.

I absolutely love my boyfriend and I would never want to hurt him. We always talk about our future together and getting married, but right now I’m having doubts. He has been very neglectful. My friend and I have been talking a lot and every time we do I am extremely happy. Unfortunately he is friends with an ex of mine though. Am I just catching feelings because he is giving me more attention than my boyfriend?

“I need advice on my schooling/employment conundrum”

27 year-old male from Greece, trying to get my future together and I need some good advice.

I was born and raised in a great family enviroment, not wealthy, but fair, and enough to keep me going with great support!

I studied IT tech at technical college at 2007 and been working as a computers technician for the past eight years. Due to my coutry’s condition and foreseeing a not-so-great future in tech support, I decided to follow a spark of mine and study programming in a University by placing all of my resources (plus an investment plan of my parents. I started the University a year ago achieving excellent grades and the investment plan went off I have the money to pay exactly the amount needed for the following two years. The past year and more I’ve been working at companies that didn’t hire me to get insuransed (which is very common) but still I am trying to collect work and knowledge to keep myself running and by the time I’ve developed some new skills that keep the gears moving. The following winter my support insurance will be terminated which is not something that I am well with. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a night shift IT support which is a great opportunity to solve all of these problems. Continue reading

“I really like him, but don’t see a future with him”

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now, and up until April, everything was great. He made me feel so happy and relaxed — he’s a super great guy! But, in April, he left to go back home a few states away, and stayed there for about 2 1/2 months.

We texted sometimes, but never had full conversations. I only missed him occasionally. When he initially told me he’d be gone for so long, I was a wreck, but when the time came, I was totally fine. Now that he’s back, he’s living with me and my friends until he finds a new place with his friends.

Things haven’t really been the same. I can’t stop questioning if I want to keep dating him or not. I do like him a lot for sure, he’s always respected my boundaries and opinions, and even though I’m asexual (and he’s got a high sex drive) he’s never forced me into feeling like I need to do things with him. When he does make little advances, I don’t feel uncomfortable, but I don’t exactly want to do it nor do I find it necessary in a relationship.

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