“I need advice on my schooling/employment conundrum”

27 year-old male from Greece, trying to get my future together and I need some good advice.

I was born and raised in a great family enviroment, not wealthy, but fair, and enough to keep me going with great support!

I studied IT tech at technical college at 2007 and been working as a computers technician for the past eight years. Due to my coutry’s condition and foreseeing a not-so-great future in tech support, I decided to follow a spark of mine and study programming in a University by placing all of my resources (plus an investment plan of my parents. I started the University a year ago achieving excellent grades and the investment plan went off I have the money to pay exactly the amount needed for the following two years. The past year and more I’ve been working at companies that didn’t hire me to get insuransed (which is very common) but still I am trying to collect work and knowledge to keep myself running and by the time I’ve developed some new skills that keep the gears moving. The following winter my support insurance will be terminated which is not something that I am well with. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a night shift IT support which is a great opportunity to solve all of these problems.


My college is 4 times a week 18:00 to 22:00 and the upcoming job is from 22:00 to 06:00, with the benefit of being close to each other. Everything sounds perfect until now. I feel stressed out by the fact that I invest so much money in a University to achieve a degree with distinction and I am afraid that working such hours (with a great deal of work) may cause the opposite outcome of the wanted one (in terms of degree). My aim is getting a master after that in Computing Science or Forensics but a second class degree won’t find any open doors and all these three years will become a popped bubble which I detest.

My options are:
– Get the Job do my best (but can I?)
– Keep working by myself uninsuranced and keep myself around (less experience gained, less money but surely closer to my target)

I am in desperate need of a good opinion or a third option.

Thank for taking the time reading this,

One thought on ““I need advice on my schooling/employment conundrum”

  1. diannedeniserandall says:

    If I am completely understanding your dilemma here is my advice: You have to weigh the pros and cons here. The question is how hard are you willing to work? Seems like both options have the benefit of paying off in the long run. More money now is always great but can you balance it while continuing your education? It will be all about staying focused and time management. Will you sacrifice your social life, sleep, and etc?

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