“Am I a bad person for hating my mom’s boyfriend?”

Well, let me tell you my story. Ever since I could remember, my parents fought a lot, the times they got along were really rare, and so precious memories I’ll always keep. Then they got divorced, which was not really that surprising. I got to see my dad about once every other month. Like two years later, my mom got a boyfriend. Which was cool and all, since it meant my mom was getting better. Continue reading

“My fiancé thinks I have too many issues”

I am a 29 year old medical student. Doing well academically, but this year has been hard. You see, after my sister passed away in 2013, I withdrew from medical school for some time, to take care of my parents. I eventually gave up. But I later realized I still want to do it, I made a promise to my sister I’d get back in it.

In the mean time I met this girl, things were decent, we had our differences, but it worked. She wasn’t career oriented, I was, and I eventually got back into medical school. I was doing very well, till the doctors told me I needed open heart surgery. Continue reading

“My wife is mad that I helped my mom out”

So here’s my situation… I’m wondering if you guys think that this is absurd or whether I did something wrong.

In a nutshell, my older sister (34) passed away unexpectedly last week. My mother was obviously very upset, so I left work early to see her that day. Around dinner time, I went to the kitchen to cook her some dinner and realized that she was pretty much out of groceries. So, I ran to the store, picked up some dinner, and then bought her about $85 worth of food to keep her going for a few more days.

Fast forward to tonight. My wife, after analyzing our online banking transactions, comes downstairs and is LIVID after finding out that I spent $85 on groceries for my mom. After laying into me for a bit, she tells me that I am not to waste our money like that, and that my mother is taking advantage of me. She also told me to ask her to pay us back.

We’re not exactly struggling. My family income is about 85k annually, of which my job generates about 80%. My mom is divorced and makes somewhere around 22-24k.

Was I wrong here? I feel like this was just a small way for me to help in a time of need….

“The guy I was seeing died from an overdose”

Hi guys! I actually had something very tragic happen to me. I could really use some advice. The guy who I was seeing recently died from an overdose. I am very upset, but here’s the twist, he actually died next to another woman!

He decided to block and ignore me 5 days before this occurred. I guess he was planning on having a fling and then coming back. I’m not sure whether I should be more angry or sad. Right now I’m a mix of both. I have no idea how to cope and cut my losses. He broke a lot of promises. He could have actually ended things with me and tell me that he moved on, but he didn’t do that, he kept me on the back burner. How should I cope with this?

“I can’t cope with my parent’s death”

Dear Blurb ,
I’m a 20 year old girl from Cape Town, South Africa and I found my mom dead on the bathroom floor when I was 13. When I was 18 I walked into my dad’s room as he took his last breath.

I’m going through some weird emotions and I don’t really have money to talk to someone. When my dad passed, the flat we’ve been renting was put in my name so all the responsibility was given to me overnight.

I’m not really sure how to deal with it all, please send me your advice and tips to help with coping.

“I’m dealing with family grief and cheating”

A couple months ago, my grandmother and aunt died in a car accident. My mother was devastated, seeing as losing your mom and sister is really rough. Although I have mostly accepted it and moved on, my mom hasn’t really. She is definitely an emotional person and I don’t expect her grief to last forever, but it worries me how much she cries when she thinks no one is looking or is in a depressed mood.

My dad has not been much of a source for support to her either. He was kind to her at first but now he mostly keeps to himself. They have been married for 20 years but recently, my mom found out that he was cyber cheating on her for sixteen months. I have no idea what to do in this situation, the tension in our home is so high and I hate to see the situation breaking my mother like this. Please help.