“Is he lying about his ex’s tumor?”

I’ve been seeing a guy since July. And everything is going really well with him. He had cancer and is now in remission. He told me he had a best friend who is a girl, at first I was (oh I’ve never came across this unless there is history) so I asked him and he said he went out with her when they were 17 briefly, but just became friends!

So I was ok about that, since it was years ago. Anyway, he told me she had found out she has a tumor in her cervix, so bad and big that it had hair and teeth! Continue reading

“Am I acting out of place?”

When I came home after a long Sunday out, I asked my mom about my pet’s vet visit and every time I spoke, my sister sighed. My other cat has cancer and my mom said that every time me and my sister are home we have to take care of her and that I just can’t be going out. But I told her that the only times I went out during the week were to work or to get driving lessons. My sister sighed again.

When I went to see my kitty with cancer I saw that her post-surgery cone was put on with the clip half way in the loop so soon to fall off, and with the clip out the outside instead of the inside so part of the cone angled out, getting caught on objects, and that the string that tied it was untied. I asked my mom who tied it in an angry voice and my sister said to my mom that she will never help with my sick cat again. Continue reading

“My fiance thinks I’m putting him down”

My fiance and I have been together 5 years, we also live together. He works in flooring, and makes great money.  I am a dental assistant, and soon to be registered nurse. In November 2016 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and lymphatic cancer.

I don’t want to sound overly confident, but the health field is my thing, I know a lot about it, and I read tons daily, and I have a pretty good understanding about the human body, anatomy and physiology.  Ever since I decided to go back to school to become a RN, I felt my fiance started getting intimidated by my knowledge. Continue reading

“I found out her mother has breast cancer”

So the story goes… I dated this girl for about 9 months. The first few months were great, our families already knew each other, everyone approved, and life was good.

As the days passed, I started to realize she might not be for me. She got on my nerves and we were just different people. We ended up breaking up.

Two days ago I found out her mother has breast cancer. I text her to say how sorry I was. This news literally shook me to my core. I felt like such a piece of shit that I added to her misery at this trying time. My mother has passed away so it really hit home. We started talking about us and how hurt she is. She asked me not to speak to her anymore if we are really over so she could find closure. I agreed. Continue reading