“Is he lying about his ex’s tumor?”

I’ve been seeing a guy since July. And everything is going really well with him. He had cancer and is now in remission. He told me he had a best friend who is a girl, at first I was (oh I’ve never came across this unless there is history) so I asked him and he said he went out with her when they were 17 briefly, but just became friends!

So I was ok about that, since it was years ago. Anyway, he told me she had found out she has a tumor in her cervix, so bad and big that it had hair and teeth! He said she had so much trouble trying to get a date from doctors for an operation etc. So weeks went on I heard nothing of it until last weekend, he said she had gone in for her operation and that she never told him? I found it strange she didn’t call him since he went through the same. He said she had keyhole surgery. And that she went to a well known hospital, but this hospital is a hospital for just giving birth and birth related surgeries.

Everyone I say it to, are saying they would not do a surgery like that in there,  she would have to go to a main hospital, I thought it was odd that the surgery would be done by keyhole? Because it being a big tumor and having teeth and all, would that not have to be a proper incision to cut it out?  And then he said she walked out of the surgery the next day and signed herself out!? And is now going to the gym….. I’m really confused about this story he is giving me. I’m meant to be going away with him for a week and I’m having doubts.

Either she is lying or he is. I don’t know how to approach this, he also brought her to a sit down gig tonight and it’s only been a week since her operation?!! Is she attracted to him and using these lies to get closer to him? Or is it him?? I’m so confused … Should I say it to him that this sounds weird or should I leave it ?

3 thoughts on ““Is he lying about his ex’s tumor?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi,you are now in an era of modern medicine..anything is possible..probably she had a dermoid cyst, went with a laproscopic removal..if you still feel weird/inconvenient about the girl’s presence..open it up to your guy in a nice way..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you are out of line. It doesn’t sounds like she’s lying and with in and out surgeries like that you can be over it pretty quick. Sounds like you just don’t trust HIM. Maybe it’s time to tell him you don’t. I don’t foresee your relationship lasting too much longer anyways since you are more scared of a girl who possibly had cancer than your boyfriends choices in whom he associates with. You’re really scared that he has chosen her over you and is cheating on you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You know who would be very good at cervic surgeries? Gynocologists. Guess where Gynocologists work? Women’s pavilions where women give birth. You know how I know? I had ovarian surgery and it was a key hole surgery. It was over from prep to outpatient in 3 hours. My gynecologist also worked on cervarian cancer, c-sections and vaginal birth. I was able to do things that day because of the steroids and was in pain, but enough to manage working a retail job the next day. After I had a c-section I was up and able to use the bathroom the next day. Walking around two days. I believe the old friend of your boyfriend. I think you need a chill pill and to work on your relationship with your boyfriend. SHE isn’t the real issue. You are using her as a scapegoat. You don’t feel like you can trust him and his choices. What will make you trust him? Focus on that and use the words “I feel like..” and then if your gut tells you to move on, move on.

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