“Her constant small attacks are destroying me”

I have been in a relationship for eight months with my girlfriend. I have not felt the same since we got back from summer vacation. It started like most relationships, and we had our “honeymoon” phase. But that only lasted halfway through the summer. When we got back to school, things suddenly changed.

I have begun to notice the things she does wrong. Suddenly we can not go a week without arguing at least once. I can admit that 50% is me being an instigator, and no argument needs to happen. But the other 50% really upsets me, especially when she tells me that it’s nothing to be upset about.

For example: she will constantly find something wrong with me. I mess up speaking, she points it out. I mess up helping her with homework, she says, “I thought you said you were good at math.” Continue reading

“I apologize for things that aren’t my fault”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over four years. I am always the fixer, which means whether it’s my fault or his, I go to him first to fix any problems we have. Always. He hardly apologizes when he’s wrong and I apologize too much when it’s not my fault.

Tonight, we went out for some drinks and took an Uber. On our way back to the house, we accidentally got in the wrong Uber. The driver asked for his name, he said his name and confirmed. We hopped in. I guess the driver didn’t hear the name correctly. Almost home, we realized this mistake; the driver was a total asshole, and said pay cash or get out. Neither of us had cash so we got out. We made a report to Uber since we were stranded at midnight on the side of the road. We called another and finally made it. Immediately he placed a complaint with Uber. He said he wanted to file a police report and say the Uber driver was drunk driving or speeding and driving recklessly. Continue reading

“I might be crushing on my bf’s BFF”

My boyfriend refuses to talk to me about anything anymore. We’re always arguing, even though we never used to. I just feel so useless, everything I do upsets or annoys him, but he is a really nice person.

It’s a good relationship, but I’m just not sure how long we’ve got left anymore (and it’s not just me wondering that).

And to top it off? I’ve been slightly losing feelings for him… and developing them for one of his good friends…

what do I do??

“Am I being replaced with a vegan?”

Lately, my girlfriend has been getting angry at me for tiny, petty things, like not replying fast enough, and then refusing to talk to me for hours over such meaningless squabbles. Anyway, she’s also been hanging out with this guy whom I’m pretty sure fancies her quite a lot lately, in fact, until very early hours this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night she promised to come see me after, but bailed both times. They’re friends because they’re both vegan, which is another thing she often criticises me for, and sometimes threatens to leave me because of.

I’m normally cool about all this, cos, you know, it’s part of being in a relationship (right?) and you need to be patient, but, just now, this guy posted a pic of just him and her together in a toilet mirror (?!) with the caption “Fav <3”, and it makes me very uncomfortable he’s putting hearts, with pictures of just him and her.

Maybe this is just my impulses and I’ll get over it, but is this a valid reason to be annoyed?

“I’m trying my best to be a good boyfriend, but I’m failing miserably”

My girlfriend and I got into a dumb argument that I started a few days ago. It wasn’t a big argument, but it ended with me apologizing and telling her I love her, but she only responded with “okay.” Then, everything went downhill. I barely hear from her at all anymore, but when I do, it’s her telling me to leave her alone.

The next day, I took some ChickFilA to her work (I always do this), and she had a bad attitude toward me. I asked her if she’s mad, and she just tells me that she is really busy. I talked to her mom, and she said she’s been having female problems and to just show support. I try to show support, but I just keep getting “leave me alone.”

After several phone calls to my girlfriend, I finally got an answer. Continue reading

should I leave it in the past?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months, I’m 21 and he’s 24. Lately his behaviour has changed a lot. It seems like we argue almost everyday and it’s usually over little things. He tends to get angry pretty quickly and it always ends with him calling me stupid and saying I’m incapable of doing anything right. I have told him that I don’t like it when he calls me names but it feels like when we argue he uses it against me out of spite. A few days ago we went to a concert, and he got really drunk. So drunk that he could barely stand straight, it was super embarrassing. While we were sitting down he patted his jacket and couldn’t find his phone, he got REALLY angry and started shouting at me and saying that he’s going to break up with me if he doesn’t find his phone by the end of that night (a phone I had bought for him) I was pretty sure he hadn’t lost it but every time I tried to go near him to search for it he would swear and shout at me so I just left him alone, when he did eventually find his phone in his pocket I burst into tears and he started begging for forgiveness and saying he was sorry. Even though he apologised and I accepted it I still can’t get over that night and I’m so hurt that he would be so mean. Do you think I should bring up that night? Should I tell him how I feel? Or should I leave it in the past?