“I’m trying my best to be a good boyfriend, but I’m failing miserably”

My girlfriend and I got into a dumb argument that I started a few days ago. It wasn’t a big argument, but it ended with me apologizing and telling her I love her, but she only responded with “okay.” Then, everything went downhill. I barely hear from her at all anymore, but when I do, it’s her telling me to leave her alone.

The next day, I took some ChickFilA to her work (I always do this), and she had a bad attitude toward me. I asked her if she’s mad, and she just tells me that she is really busy. I talked to her mom, and she said she’s been having female problems and to just show support. I try to show support, but I just keep getting “leave me alone.”

After several phone calls to my girlfriend, I finally got an answer. I asked of we were okay, and she told me, “our relationship isn’t the only thing going on in my life.” I asked if she wanted to be with me, and if she still loves me, and I got a simple “IDK” for both questions. I’ve been the source of her support for a while. I’ve always tried my hardest to make her happy and she’s always done the same for me. I was told to give her space, but I just can’t because I want to be sure that she is okay.

She has been hanging out with her friends, but she hasn’t been taking any time for me. No, she isn’t cheating, or into them, so that’s not the answer. I talked to her best friend and he told me he has been worried about her, and he doesn’t know what’s going on either. I don’t want to just up and leave her, but I don’t like this empty feeling in my heart. I’m trying my best to be a good boyfriend, but I’m failing miserably.

Also, a couple weeks ago, she mentioned that she’s becoming increasingly irritable. She also has periods several weeks/months in a row.

If you need anymore information to help me, please ask, and I’ll answer.

Please help me.

One thought on ““I’m trying my best to be a good boyfriend, but I’m failing miserably”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what’s a red flag? You keep mentioning a health issue like it’s the real issue here and it’s not. She may have PCOS, but any mention of “she’s on her period” won’t do you any good.

    You are coming off as needy/clingy and she’s told you what she needed which was space. I don’t think this relationship will work out in your favor. Best thing you can do now is follow her instructions and wait for her to come to you if she wants to.

    Red flag number 2: If she is at work then she is there to work and you shouldn’t show up (especially after a fight!) as a surprise. It’s not cool for my husband of 11 years to show up at my work with lunch even to drop it off, because of what may be going on. It looks unprofessional. She might have gotten chewed out for you showing up or have to deal with the side eye of people.

    Also you didn’t tell us what the fight was actually about, but I’m guessing if she just said “okay” that it wasn’t just a little thing to her and she feels the “I love you” to be emotional black mail.

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