“I wish I could have a normal, loving father “

I hate my father. He gets angry for no reason, & calls me hateful, hurtful things. He’s a perfectionist, and a little thing like a picture not being straight will set him off. Everything is never his fault, always mine or my mother’s, even when it’s obvious it isn’t.

I wish I could have a normal, loving father who I wouldn’t have to live in fear from. Even saying something wrong will set him off, like ‘have you seen my phone?’. He refuses any of my remedies, I offer to do things but he refuses, does it angrily, cursing me all the time. I’m too young to leave this home, & I need advice.


One thought on ““I wish I could have a normal, loving father “

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to talk to a school counselor and your mother. Your mother first obviously. Your father may have OCD or he may have anger management issues. Either way he shouldn’t be taking it out on his family or cussing in response every time. We are all only human and something it slips, but when it’s all the time it’s a family problem.

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