“We got high and he hasn’t asked me on another date”

I’m 20 years old with a shit ton of anxiety. So I might need some advice and someone to hit me over the head and snap me back to reality. I met this guy (23) who super liked me on Tinder and we went on four dates in total and he’s been texting me regularly with a few minutes too a few hours gap in between our texts.

Each date got progressively better and the fourth one seemed like it was the most successful, he wanted to hang out longer, so we smoked some weed and watched a really bad movie in my dorm. Things were fine (and I’m also kinda sure he got a boner LOL) until the end, I got a little nervous once I realized it was late and he had to go home stoned. Continue reading

“I don’t know how to share my feelings with anyone”

Okay, so, me and my best friend are super close, we tell each other everything and we’re both fairly open, but when it comes to my feelings, I shut everyone out. I feel like I’m ruining people’s days by telling them my troubles. I don’t know what to do. I can’t even tell my best friend how I feel. I feel like I want to change my personality because everyone thinks I’m weird. i don’t know how to do it . 😦

“Nervous to talk to a girl”

There is this girl in my guitar class at highschool who I like but am to nervous to talk to. It is about halfway through second semester of grade 9 and if I can’t get the courage to talk to her then I probably won’t be able to ever be with her. I do t think she notices me except for during the playing tests where only one person plays the guitar at a time while the rest of the class watches you. I hate being watched by to many people at once and yet she doesn’t have any problem with performing for playing tests and if I show fear then she will just think of me as a coward and never want to talk to me. Both her and I where invited to join the guitar ensemble/band which was a great opportunity for me to get closer to her but I declined because I am an idiot who is controlled by his fears. Please if anybody could give me even a little advice to look like more than just another person to her I would greatly appreciate it.

Should I Ask Out Or Not

So there is this girl i like at school. She gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, and she is around me every now and then. I have liked her for about a year now, and i came out to tell her at the end of the school year last year, but she never told me how she felt. I have been too nervous to confront her, but almost everyday, me or her wind up talking a little or having an indirect conversation. And very often, i see her looking at me, but im not sure if she really is. She smiles at me every once in a while, and if im lucky, we talk to eachother for a minute or two. I’ve been thinking of asking if she likes me or not, but im too nervous, and afriad i would embarass her or wind up embarassing myself from rejection. Btw: Ive never had a girlfriend before, so I dont exactly know how to ask her out.